Tiramisu bundt cake



Are you a fan of the most classic desserts of Italian cuisine? Today, we have created a truly special recipe by combining 2 pillars of our tradition! The taste of tiramisu and the softness of a bundt cake come together to create this fluffy dessert, perfect for breakfast or snack time! The tiramisu bundt cake is made soft thanks to the addition of mascarpone in the batter and is composed of three different layers. The three different hues not only differ in color but also in taste, with a swirl of cocoa and coffee that will surprise your taste buds and turn snack time into a truly magical moment!

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Eggs 3
Sugar 1 cup (200 g)
Mascarpone cheese 8.8 oz (250 g)
Cake flour 3 cups (350 g)
Unsweetened cocoa powder 1 ¾ tbsp (10 g)
Coffee ¼ cup (50 g)
Baking powder 3 tbsp (16 g)
Whole milk 2 ½ tbsp (40 g)
Fine salt 1 pinch

How to prepare Tiramisu bundt cake

To prepare the tiramisu bundt cake, make coffee with a moka pot and let it cool down. Pour the sugar and eggs 1 into a bowl. Beat with an electric mixer for a couple of minutes 2. When they are puffy and frothy, add a pinch of salt 3

and mascarpone cheese 4. Whisk again with the electric mixer for a few seconds. Add sifted flour 5 and baking powder 6.

Incorporate the flour and baking powder by stirring the mixture with a spatula 7, until it becomes smooth and homogeneous 8. Now, divide the batter into three equal parts in three separate bowls 9.

In one of the 3 bowls, add sifted cocoa powder and 20g of coffee 10. Mix with a spatula 12 to combine all the ingredients.

In another bowl, pour the remaining coffee 13 and mix with a spatula to homogenize the batter 14. Pour milk into the white batter 15

and mix it together. You should obtain a smooth and homogeneous batter 16. Butter and flour a 20 cm diameter and 22 cm surface bundt cake mold. Take the cocoa batter and pour it onto the bottom of the mold 17. Spread it all over the surface, then place the coffee batter on top 18, spreading it over the entire surface as well.

Lastly, do the same thing with the white batter 19. This way, you will get 3 different layers 20. Bake in a preheated static oven at 180°C for about 40 minutes in the middle rack. Take it out of the oven 21 and let it cool completely.

Then, remove the bundt cake from the pan and transfer it to a serving dish 22. Dust with unsweetened cocoa 23 and serve your tiramisu bundt cake 24.

How to store

The tiramisu bundt cake can be stored under a glass dome for 2-3 days.


It is possible to add liquor such as cognac or brandy to the coffee, reducing the amount of coffee by the same amount of liquor added.