Summer is nearly here and as always, this year we'll need to make a few sacrifices for the bathing suit season! But that doesn't mean saying no to a delicious dessert! Yogomisù is a much lighter version of the classic tiramisù and what's more, it has an extremely fresh note, making it perfect for this season! No eggs, mascarpone and coffee... what make these dainty jars so special is a little yogurt, a dash of cream and lashings of berries. If this means living a life of sacrifice, then count us in! Together, let's discover how to make yogomisù!

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Ingredients for 4 small jars
Greek yogurt 1 cup (350 g)
Heavy cream 6 tbsp (90 g)
Powdered sugar 1 tbsp (10 g)
For the coulis
Berries 1 cup (200 g) - (raspberries, blackberries and blueberries)
Brown sugar 4 tbsp (50 g)
Water 3 tbsp (40 g)
For composing
Ladyfingers 8
Berries to taste
Mint to taste
Dried raspberries to taste - (for the powder)

How to prepare Yogomisù

Yogomisù, start by placing the brown sugar in a saucepan 1; add the water 2 and bring to the boil without stirring at all. Once the sugar has fully dissolved, add the berries 3

and cook for around 5 minutes 4. Now place them in a mixer glass and blend 5 into a cream. Place the puree in a baking tray 6 and leave to one side.

Now prepare the cream. Start by whipping the thoroughly chilled cream, slowly adding the powdered sugar (7-8). Place the yogurt in a bowl 9

and gradually add the cream 10, stirring from the bottom up 11. Now compose your glasses. Take one of the ladyfingers and break it in half 12.

Dip both pieces in the berry fruit puree 13 and turn them over using a fork, so that you cover both sides. Take one of the small jars and add a layer of cream 14. Add both ladyfinger pieces 15

and a little puree 16. Repeat with the other layer: add a spoon of cream 17 and then two ladyfinger pieces, followed by the puree 18

and finish with another spoon of cream 19. Crumble the dried raspberries into a powder and use it to garnish the surface of the yogomisù 20. Finish with the berries and mint leaves 21, and repeat for the other 3 jars. Place back in the refrigerator and leave to firm up for at least 1 hour before serving your yogomisù!


We recommend storing yogomisù in the refrigerator for no longer than 1 day. Freezing is not recommended.


Unable to find dried raspberries? No problem! Replace with unsweetened cocoa.