Chicken Cacciatore



Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore Recipe: Origin, Variations and Serving Suggestions

Many people claim paternity for chicken cacciatore, but it seems that the original recipe was born in Tuscany. This timeless recipe has the typical taste of home: it restores, consoles, and gives you a feeling of well-being. Chicken alla cacciatora and beef alla pizzaiola are considered as the two greatest institutions of popular Italian cuisine.

For those who don't know this wonderful recipe, it's a main course made by cutting chicken into pieces, browning them in a pan and seasoning them with classic ingredients like onion, celery, and carrot. This simple yet delicious dish can be turned into a very rich recipe if you perform the most important task: eat all the tasty sauce!

Although there are many versions of chicken cacciatora, we suggest trying ours, one that makes us feel right at home. And if you're looking for a side dish to accompany it, we recommend the flag dish, an Umbrian version of Peperonata (pepper and onion stew).

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy a comforting and delicious Italian meal, chicken cacciatore is a must-try. And remember to eat all the sauce for a truly indulgent experience!

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Chicken - whole about 3 lb (1.3 kg)
Peeled tomatoes 14 oz (400 g)
Yellow onions 1
Carrots 1
Celery 1 rib
Garlic 1 clove
Red wine ½ cup (100 g)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Rosemary 1 sprig
Parsley 1 sprig - chopped
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

How to prepare Chicken Cacciatore

To prepare Chicken Cacciatore, start by cutting the vegetables. After peeling the onion, peel the carrot and trim it, finally remove the top from the celery and chop it all until it is diced about 1/10 inch (2-3 mm) 1. Then start cleaning the chicken. Cut it into pieces separating the thighs, chest and wings 2. At this point you have everything you need so go to the stove. Heat a drop of oil in a saucepan, do not overdo it because the skin of the chicken will release a lot of fat. Light the flame and let it warm up for a few moments, then put in the chicken pieces, starting with the skin side down 3.

Let it brown for about ten minutes, turning it after a bit 4. When the chicken is well colored add the chopped celery, carrot and onion and then the peeled clove of garlic 5. Then add salt, pepper and rosemary, stir and let it flavor together for another 5 minutes 6.

Blend with red wine and let the alcoholic part evaporate completely 7. Now remove the rosemary and garlic clove 8 and add the chopped peeled tomato pieces 9.

Mix everything together 10 and cover with a lid, let cook over moderate heat for 30-35 minutes 11. Remember that if the chicken is bigger then you will need to increase the cooking a little bit more, and vice versa if it is smaller. In any case, the chicken is considered ready as soon as the meat detaches from the bones 12.

When finished cooking, make sure it is salted right and then sprinkle with parsley 13. One last stir 14 and your chicken cacciatore is ready. Enjoy your meal 15!


The chicken cacciatore can be kept well covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

If you prefer you can freeze it once it's cooked if you have used very fresh ingredients.



During the summer season use fresh tomatoes for sauce, during the rest of the year use peeled tomatoes or tomato puree to obtain a more full-bodied sauce.

If you don't like parsley you can omit it, if you want to add an extra gear to the recipe, replace it with some marjoram leaves.

In addition to rosemary you can add 1 sprig of sage.