Soft-boiled eggs



Soft-boiled eggs

What's your favorite way to have breakfast? A quick coffee and biscuits or are you one of those who lay the table every morning with sweets, eggs, bacon, orange juice, and dried fruit? For those who love champion breakfasts and for those who love to pamper themselves from the moment they wake up, we suggest an easy and tasty recipe: soft-boiled eggs! Feel free to choose the most romantic or whimsical egg cups to serve these delicious eggs in the shell, to be enjoyed with a spoon and even better if accompanied with warm toast! In addition to identifying the precise cooking time to obtain the semi-liquid yolk just right, and not solid, as in Hard Boiled Eggs. Always choose very fresh and organic eggs to enjoy unrivaled soft-boiled eggs and try our special version: Soft-boiled eggs with caviar!

Come discover how to cook eggs in many different ways:

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How to prepare Soft-boiled eggs

To prepare soft-boiled eggs, make sure to use very fresh and intact eggs. Place a pot full of water 1 on the stove and bring to a gentle boil. Once it reaches a boil, add the eggs 2, they should cook for 4 minutes 3: you can calculate the exact time with a timer. Consider that the temperature of the egg and the size can affect the minutes of cooking: 4 minutes of boiling for medium-sized and fridge-cold eggs; 3 minutes of boiling at most for room temperature eggs.

Once ready, carefully drain them 4 and place them on an egg cup; then gently tap with a teaspoon on the top of the egg 5 so as to break the shell. Remove the shell fragments and strip the egg of the white until the semi-liquid yolk is revealed. Then serve your soft-boiled eggs accompanied with crispy toast 6.


It is recommended to consume soft-boiled eggs as soon as they are prepared. Freezing is not recommended.


You can make your soft-boiled eggs even tastier by seasoning with salt and pepper to taste, but also with a teaspoon of spreadable cheese or poppy seeds!

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