Uova alla contadina (Baked eggs in tomato sauce)



Uova alla contadina (Baked eggs in tomato sauce)

No matter how you make them – poached, stuffed, baked with leeks, soft or hard-boiled – eggs always make a tasty meal. Today’s recipe is a traditional home-cooked treat: uova alla contadina. Simple is best! A homely pot with a generous splash of tomato passata to envelop the eggs, flavorings to taste, a layer of string cheese and that’s it. Eggs have never been so tasty! Uova alla contadina is a frugal dish and countless varieties have been handed down through the generations, each family adding their own new twist: Some make the dish in a frying pan, some leave out the cheese and some add onion. The only rule is that the eggs must be intact, otherwise let your imagination run free!

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Eggs 4
Tomato puree 1 ¼ cup (300 g)
Tomini cheese 5 oz (130 g)
Rosemary 3 sprigs
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

How to prepare Uova alla contadina (Baked eggs in tomato sauce)

To make uova alla contadina, first cut the tomino cheese into cubes 1, then take an ovenproof dish and spread a layer of tomato passata over the base 2. Add a little oil 3.

Now add one egg at a time 4 to the pan. We recommend breaking the egg into a small bowl first to make sure you keep the yolk intact. Arrange the 4 eggs side by side 5 and spread the remaining tomato puree 6 over the top, seasoning with salt and pepper.

Add the cubes of tomino cheese 7 and flavor with the rosemary sprigs 8. Bake in a conventional oven preheated to 350°F (180°C) for 20-25 minutes, depending on how hard you like your eggs. When your uova alla contadina is done, take the dish out of the oven and serve piping hot 9.


You can keep the uova alla contadina in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Not suitable for freezing.


You can substitute other cheeses such as brie, fontina, or provola for the tomino cheese.