Soft-boiled eggs with caviar



Simple yet timeless: soft-boiled eggs are one of the ultimate dinner-saving recipes. Today, we're excited to show you how to turn them into an exquisite appetizer by pairing them with caviar! Just two ingredients for an elegant starter, perfect for special occasions to amaze your guests. You can prepare them for New Year's Eve dinner or Christmas Eve, for example! The creamy yolk pairs wonderfully with the delicate taste of caviar, and in just a few minutes, you'll have an amazing appetizer ready!

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Eggs 4 - fresh, medium
Caviar 4 tsp (20 g) - black, fresh
Wild fennel to taste

How to prepare Soft-boiled eggs with caviar

To prepare soft-boiled eggs, make sure to use very fresh and whole eggs. Place a pot full of water on the stove and bring it to a gentle boil. Once it reaches a boil, carefully place the eggs inside 1, and they should cook for 4 minutes 2: you can use a timer to track the exact time. Keep in mind that the egg's temperature and size can affect the cooking time: calculate 4 minutes from boiling for medium-sized, fridge-cold eggs; a maximum of 3 minutes for room-temperature eggs. Once ready, gently drain them into a bowl 3.

Place one on the egg cup 4, then gently tap the top part of the egg with a teaspoon to break the shell. Remove any shell fragments and peel away the egg white 5 until you reveal the semi-liquid yolk 6.

Pour the caviar inside 7 and finish with a sprig of wild fennel 8. Continue the same for the others and serve immediately 9.

How to store

We recommend consuming it immediately.


Use the freshest eggs and pay close attention to the cooking time as indicated. You can substitute dill for wild fennel or choose another herb of your liking!