Roasted Lamb and Potatoes



Those most devoted to tradition will not fail to bring to the Easter table a typical dish based on lamb. Lamb carries with it Christian suggestions and symbols that are still alive and honored today. Its unmistakable taste with wild notes makes it unique and very loved among the Easter main courses, for this reason, it is the protagonist of many regional recipes like the agnello cacio e ova or the stuffed lamb shoulder Tuscan style and also of home-made preparations like the one in stew. With roasted lamb with potatoes, we want to celebrate this typical preparation with a simple and rustic recipe, accessible to everyone, to renew the traditions of the Easter menu. As usual, the lamb is flavored with fragrant aromas that temper its pungent taste, and the oven cooking will return tender and juicy meat... the typical side dish of potatoes, then, will seal all its goodness for an unforgettable Easter lunch.

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Lamb 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Red potatoes 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Spring onions 1
Garlic 1
Lemon juice 1
Water 6.8 oz (200 g)
Dry white wine 2.7 oz (80 g)
Thyme 3 sprigs
Rosemary 2 sprigs
Sage 4 leaves
Bay leaves 2 leaves
Juniper berries 5
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste

How to prepare Roasted Lamb and Potatoes

To prepare the roasted lamb with potatoes, first place the pieces of lamb in a large bowl, squeeze the lemon juice making sure to remove the seeds 1, pour the white wine 2, the crushed juniper berries 3,

season with the crushed unpeeled garlic 4 and scent with bay leaves and sage 5. Let the meat marinate so that it becomes flavorful for at least 30 minutes. In the meantime, wash and dry the spring onion, trim the root base and cut it into strips lengthwise 6,

then divide them in half 7. Preheat the oven to 380°F in static mode and take care of the potatoes: rinse them well under running water 8 and dry them. Cut the potatoes in half 9

and place them in a slightly oiled baking dish 10, add the spring onion 11 and the lamb with the aromatics 12, excluding the garlic.

Further season the preparation with thyme 13 and rosemary 14, then cover with water 15,

season with olive oil 16, salt 17, pepper, stir to flavor and then bake in a preheated conventional oven at 380°F and cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Halfway through cooking, and only if the lamb should be cooked before the potatoes, you can cover the dish with a sheet of aluminum foil to prevent the meat from drying out too much. Once cooked, the roasted lamb with potatoes will be ready to be served hot 18.

How to store

The roasted lamb with potatoes can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for a couple of days. You can freeze the lamb without the potatoes.


It is recommended to keep the gravy that may result "in excess" once the lamb is cooked, by filtering it and drizzling the meat before serving; this way, the lamb will be juicier. If, on the contrary, during cooking the liquid should dry out too much, add warm water as needed.

This dish can be enriched accompanied by a pilaf rice or by a green sauce based on mint by emulsifying the oil with fresh mint leaves with an immersion blender.

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