Potato and ham pasta



Is it possible to achieve a creamy first course without cream, soft cheeses, or other gimmicks? The answer is: potato and ham pasta! Unlike the classic pasta and potatoes or the flavorsome Neapolitan version, today we propose a recipe that is simple to make, but oh so rich and full of flavor! Thanks to the gradual addition of hot broth, the pasta and condiment will become one, bursting with an incredible and enveloping creaminess, just like a risotto! The meat broth is what makes this first course especially flavorsome; you can replace it with vegetable broth: the dish will be slightly less rich in flavor, but you'll still achieve a creamy and mouth watering dish!

Mezze Maniche Rigate pasta 0.7 lb (320 g)
Potatoes 0.66 lb (300 g)
Prosciutto cotto 12 oz (300 g) - (one slice is around 0.2" thick)
Shallot 1
Extra virgin olive oil 5 tbsp
Sage 8 leaves
Black pepper to taste
Fine salt to taste
White wine ¼ cup (50 ml)
Parsley 1 sprig
Meat broth 4 ¼ cups (1 l)


To prepare potato and ham pasta, start by making the meat broth, which you should keep hot. Peel and finely chop the shallot, then dice the ham and lastly, peel and dice the potatoes, too. Heat a large pan on the stove, add 5 tablespoons of oil and then the shallot; leave to brown for a few minutes 1. Add the ham 2, saute for a few moments, add the white wine, simmer and reduce 3.

The alcohol will evaporate after around 5 minutes, add the potatoes 4 and salt and pepper 5. Now add a few ladles of hot meat broth to tenderize the potatoes 6.

Flavor with the finely chopped sage 7 and add the pasta: cook as though it were a risotto, adding the hot broth a little at a time, to achieve the signature creaminess of this rice-like dish 8. Once the potato and ham pasta is ready, make sure you have seasoned with salt and lastly, add a sprig of finely chopped parsley just before serving 9.


We recommend you enjoy potato and ham pasta as soon as it is ready. You can store it in the refrigerator for no more than a couple of days, in a sealed container. Freezing is not recommended.


Would you like an even creamier potato and ham pasta? Simple: remove from the heat and add some grated cheese! If you notice it is a little too dry, add some more broth to achieve the right consistency.