Cavatelli with speck, creamy potatoes and arugula



If you like a mouth-watering first course with a creamy sauce, then we have just the recipe for you: Cavatelli with speck, creamy potatoes and arugula, featuring a velvety, enveloping sauce reminiscent of a 4-cheese pasta, delicious notes of crispy speck, and the peppery taste of arugula that will really take this recipe up a gear. Cavatelli pasta, so rich and substantial, is a real comfort food, offering that little bit of indulgence we all need to enjoy from time to time!

Cavatelli pasta 0.75 lb (350 g)
Speck 7 oz (190 g)
Potatoes 7 oz (200 g)
Arugula 3.5 oz (100 g)
Whipping cream 1 cup (240 g)
Parmigiano Reggiano PDO cheese ⅓ cup (40 g)
Thyme to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

How to prepare Cavatelli with speck, creamy potatoes and arugula

To make your cavatelli with speck, creamy potatoes and arugula, first boil the potatoes in their skins for 30-40 minutes 1 until soft. Cooking time may vary depending on the size of the potatoes. Once cooked, mash them in a pan using a potato masher 2. Add the cream 3 and heat over a low heat, stirring continuously with a whisk.

Once you’ve achieved a fluid consistency, remove from the stove and blend using an immersion blender 4 until smooth and even 5. Add salt and pepper to taste and set aside 6. Bring a pan full of salted water to a boil; this will be used to cook the pasta.

Finely dice the speck 7. Heat a little oil in the pan and add the speck 8 and thyme leaves 9.

Brown until the speck is crispy 10. Add the arugula, having washed it beforehand 11. Stir, and allow the arugula to wilt. Meanwhile, cook the cavatelli 12.

Loosen the consistency of the cream by adding in a ladleful of the pasta cooking water 13. Add the creamed potatoes to the sauce 14. Once the cavatelli are cooked, drain them into the pan 15.

Add some of the cooking water 16, adjusting the amount depending on the consistency of the sauce. Season with the grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese 17 and serve your cavatelli with speck, creamy potatoes and arugula nice and hot 18.


We recommend eating the cavatelli with speck, creamy potatoes, and arugula immediately, although any leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator for a day. Not recommended for freezing.


You might like to change things up a little by replacing the cream with milk and the arugula with sliced asparagus pan-fried with a clove of garlic.