Vegetable soup



Vegetable soup

As far as healthy dishes are concerned, one immediately springs to mind: vegetable soup. A great classic of Italian cuisine, this recipe changes according to the season: cold in the summer and hot in the winter, it features all the perfumes and colors of seasonal vegetables from the garden. Today we present you with a winter version: excellent served piping hot, it will definitely warm you up when the weather outside invites you to snuggle up by the fireplace. The preparation of this vegetable soup is simple but rather long and laborious, as it involves cleaning and cutting up all the ingredients. However, we guarantee it will be worth your while, because you'll enjoy this simple vegetable first course because it is a recipe that combines deliciousness and genuineness. Vegetables are the stars of the show in the kitchen today as we prepare a delicious vegetable soup! To end on a light note, enjoy some simple and genuine baked apples!

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Red onions 3 oz (80 g)
Water to taste
Bay leaves 2 leaves
Rosemary 1 sprig
Peas 0.5 lb (200 g)
Cauliflower 0.66 lb (300 g) - cleaned
Leeks 5 oz (150 g)
Extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup (50 g)
Pumpkin 0.5 lb (250 g) - cleaned
Borlotti beans 0.5 lb (200 g)
Cluster tomatoes 1 lb (350 g)
Celery 2 oz (60 g)
Black pepper to taste
Fine salt to taste
Potatoes 0.75 lb (330 g)
White zucchini 5 oz (150 g)
Carrots 3 oz (80 g)
To season (optional)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste

How to prepare Vegetable soup

To prepare the vegetable soup, start by washing a drying the vegetables. Now take the pumpkin and peel it using a knife with a large blade 1. Remove the seeds and white strings, using a spoon 2. Now cut it into slices that are equal in size, then dice into 1 cm sized cubes 3.

Wash and tip the zucchini, cut them into slices 4 and dice them 5. Now shell the beans 6,

cut the cauliflower in half, remove the core and cut off the florets 7; now remove the outermost and greener part of the leeks and cut into thin rings 8. Peel the potatoes 9 and cut them into slices that are not too thin,

then dice 10. Prepare the tomatoes: remove the stalks, slice 11 and dice them 12.

Lastly, prepare the ingredients for the saut? base: finely chop up the onion 13. Tip and peel the carrots, cut them into strips 14 and finely chop them using a knife 15.

Finely chop the celery too 16. To finish off, tie the rosemary sprigs together with the bay leaves to create a bouquet garni 17. Now all the ingredients for preparing the vegetable minestrone are ready. Take a capacious pot with a lid and add the oil 18,

carrots, celery, onion and leek 19 and gently brown for around 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Once the saut? base vegetables become tender, add the bouquet garni 20 and the beans 21.

Cover with water: the vegetables 22 must be covered by a finger span of water. Bring to the boil and cook for 2 minutes. Add the pumpkin 23 and repeat the same procedure: add water, cover with a finger span of water 24, wait for the water to return to the boil and cook for 2 minutes.

Repeat with the potatoes (25-26), followed by the cauliflower 27.

Cover with some more water 28, cover with the lid 29 and cook for 25 minutes once the soup is brought to the boil. Once the 25 minutes are up, add the zucchini 30,

peas 31 and the tomatoes 32, add more water if necessary, add salt and pepper 33 and once brought back to the boil, cook for a further 2-3 minutes.

Remove the bouquet garni 34. The soup is ready 35: serve it with a drizzle of oil and some ground pepper to taste 36.


You can store the vegetable soup in the refrigerator for around 2-3 days. Store it in a sealed container. You can freeze it only if you have used nothing but fresh, and not defrosted, ingredients.


Vegetable soup is an extremely versatile recipe. We have prepared it using these vegetables, but you can enrich it or replace with your favorite seasonal vegetables. For example, you could use green beans, spinach, chard, broccoli and cabbage, and the list goes on! A special touch that will make your minestrone irresistible? Add some Parmigiano Reggiano crust when nearly cooked. Looking to encourage your children to enjoy such a healthy dish? Hide the vegetables by blending them with a vegetable masher and serve with some delicious croutons.