Pork arista with milk



Pork arista with milk

Roast is a classic home cooking second course that is always perfect for making a good impression! Pork arista with milk is an especially flavorsome and delicate version that will definitely be applauded by your guests! The slices are enveloped in a creamy and velvety gravy made by blending the cooking sauce, a very simple way to exalt all the goodness of this exquisite meat cut. The lengthy cooking time will reward you with a soft and succulent result and leave you with enough time to prepare the rest of the menu. Get those invitations ready, because pork arista with milk is bound to be the star of your next dinner!

Arista 2 lbs ( kg) - (with lard)
Whole milk 1 cup (430 g)
White onions 4 oz (120 g)
White wine 0 cup (115 g) -
Bay leaves 2 leaves
Sage 1 sprig
Rosemary 1 sprig
Butter 1 stick (45 g) -
Extra virgin olive oil to taste -
Fine salt to taste

How to prepare Pork arista with milk

To make pork arista with milk, first of all peel and julienne the onions 1. Heat a generous drizzle of oil in a pan, add the onions 2, a pinch of salt, and cook on a low flame 3.

In the meantime, massage the larded arista, already tied with string and skewered with a rosemary sprig, with the salt 4. Brown the meat in another pan, with a drizzle of oil 5. Thoroughly seal the sides together and leave to one side 6.

Deglaze the cooking sauce with the wine 7, simmer and reduce slightly, just enough for the alcohol to evaporate. Pour the resulting liquid into the pan with the onions 8, together with the sage and laurel 9.

Add the arista 10 and the milk 11, then cover with the lid and cook on a medium-low flame for 70 minutes 12.

Once the cooking time is over 13, remove the meat from the pan and leave to one side hot, covered with plastic wrap. Remove the aromatic herbs and blend the bottom with an immersion mixer 14, then add the butter 15 and stir; if the consistency is still very liquid, reduce it some more, for ten minutes or so, on a medium flame.

You should now have a thick and creamy sauce 16. Remove the string and cut the meat into slices 17; your pork arista with milk is ready to be served with its sauce 18!


Pork arista with milk can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days, but it is advisable to separate the meat from the sauce.


If you do not like lard, you can use an unlarded arista cut.