Angelica brioche with zucchini



Angelica brioche with zucchini is a show-stopping soft, savory, leavened brioche. It is inspired by the iconic Italian Angelica cake recipe, which is stuffed with chocolate chips, and topped with a sweet glaze! In this savory version, the chocolate chips are replaced by soft zucchini, tasty caciocavallo cheese, and crunchy slivers of toasted almonds. The method and the final wreath construction are unchanged, and you will get the same show-stopping effect… a savory cake that is a feast for the eyes! Angelica brioche with zucchini is perfect to serve as an appetizer with pride of place on your table, or to take on a picnic: it is excellent whether eaten hot or at room temperature. Try it in our mignon version, or with beer! 


Ingredients for the pre-ferment (biga)
Manitoba flour 1 ½ cup (185 g)
Water ½ cup (100 g)
Fresh brewer's yeast 1 tbsp (10 g)
For the dough
Flour 00 3 ½ cups (400 g)
Whole milk ½ cup (125 g)
Butter ½ cup (100 g)
Fine salt ¾ tsp (15 g)
Sugar ¾ tbsp (10 g)
For the filling
Zucchini 1.1 lbs (500 g)
Caciocavallo cheese 5 oz (150 g)
Almond flakes 3.5 oz (100 g)
Shallot 1
Thyme 1 sprig
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
For the wash
Water ½ cup (30 g)
Extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp (30 g)

How to prepare Angelica brioche with zucchini

To make Angelica brioche with zucchini, firstly make a pre-ferment or biga: dissolve the brewer’s yeast in the water 1, transfer it to a bowl containing the flour 2 and begin to knead with your hands 3.

Transfer the mixture to a work surface, shape into a ball and put back into the bowl 4. Cover with plastic wrap 5 and leave to rise for an hour at 80°F (26°C) or in an unheated oven with the light on. Once it has doubled in size 6, you can make the dough.

Pour the flour and milk into the bowl 7 of a planetary mixer fitted with a dough hook attachment, then add the sugar 8 and pre-ferment 9 and start to knead everything.

As soon as the mixture is uniform, start to add the softened butter, a small piece at a time 10. Knead until everything is completely absorbed 11, then add the salt. Transfer the dough to a work surface and knead for a few seconds by hand 12,

then form a ball and place it in a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap 13 and leave to rise for 2 hours at room temperature or in an unheated oven with the light on. Meanwhile, make the filling: peel the shallot and cut into thin slices 14. Top and tail the zucchini and make the first cut lengthwise 15,

then slice them into half-moons 16. Pour a little oil into a pan, add the shallot, and allow to soften. Then add the zucchini 17 and season with salt and pepper 18.

Add the thyme and cook for about 10 minutes 19. In the meantime, grate the caciocavallo cheese 20 and toast the almond flakes in a saucepan 21.

As soon as the dough has risen 22, transfer it to the work surface 23 and roll it out with a rolling pin to a 20x14 inch (50x35 cm) rectangle that is approximately 0.15 inch (4 mm) thick 24.

Cover the entire surface with the zucchini, grated cheese 25, and almond flakes 26. Roll up, starting from the long side 27 and taking care not to let the filling emerge. Seal the edges well and leave to set in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Then take the roll out of the fridge 28 and cut it in half lengthways from end to end using a sharp knife 29. Pinch the two pieces together at one end to join 30,

then braid the two strands, keeping the cut side uppermost so that the filling is visible 31. Lastly, join both ends to form a wreath 32 and transfer it gently to a baking pan lined with parchment paper. Emulsify the water and oil with a whisk 33

and brush the surface of the Angelica brioche 34. Cook in a conventional oven preheated to 350°F (180°C) for 60 minutes on the lowest shelf, placing another shelf on top to prevent the brioche from browning too much. Take out of the oven 35 and leave your savory Angelica brioche with zucchini to cool before serving 36!


Store the Angelica brioche with zucchini for up to 1-2 days at room temperature covered with a cake dome or plastic wrap. If you prefer, you can heat it before serving. It can be frozen after cooking it and allowing it to cool completely.


You can use other types of cheese or add cubes of bacon or ham!