Mashed potatoes



Mashed potatoes

For some people, mashed potatoes are a real comfort food, one of the foods capable of arousing feelings of psychophysical well-being. And you don't even have to wonder how that's possible, especially if it's this recipe! Imagine an irresistible creaminess, the smell of butter and that light savory note offered by grated cheese. Mashed potatoes are a perfect side dish to accompany meat, fish or vegetarian main courses, such as lentils! Then there is the creamy version, which is intended for true foodies, which is prepared with cream, and its consistency conquers even the most skeptical and biggest fans of the traditional recipe. But in the end, the only one that everyone can agree on, what everyone likes in short is always and only the classic version of mashed potatoes. Ladies and gentlemen, today the most famous comfort food is in your kitchen!


Potatoes 2.2 lbs (1 kg) - floury yellow
Whole milk ¾ cup (200 g)
Butter 1 oz (30 g)
Parmigiano Reggiano PDO cheese ¼ cup (30 g) - to be grated
Fine salt to taste
Nutmeg to taste

How to prepare Mashed potatoes

To prepare mashed potatoes, start by boiling them. Place them into a large saucepan, covering with plenty of cold water. Put the pan over heat, and as soon as the water has reached its boiling point, cook for 30 to 50 minutes. Remember that times are always indicative, and depend on the size of the potatoes. For this reason it is advisable to occasionally do the fork test: if the fork enter easily, then the potatoes are cooked 1. Drain and let cool just for a few minutes 2, because you will have to take advantage of the potatoes being hot in order to peel them easily 3.

After peeling the potatoes, pour them into the potato masher, or use a masher or a fork (if you use the latter you will obtain a less fine consistency), and put them directly into the cooking pan 4. Then adjust the taste with a pinch of salt and grate some nutmeg 5. In the meantime, heat the milk in a small saucepan 6.

Put the mash over low heat, and when the milk is hot, pour it inside 7 and stir with a whisk until it has been completely absorbed. This will take a few moments 8. Then turn off the heat and add butter 9

and Parmesan cheese 10. Give it one last mix to amalgamate everything 11, and your mashed potatoes are ready 12!


Mashed potatoes can be kept in the fridge for 1-2 days at most, keeping them well covered with transparent film. Before serving, just warm them up with a drop of milk.

Freezing is not recommended.


If you want to further enhance the mashed potatoes, replace the milk with cream or add some cheese cubes or cold cuts and bake in a hot oven at 390° F (200° C) for 10-15 minutes with plenty of grated cheese on the surface... it will be a potato treat!


Interesting fact

To prepare mashed potatoes it is advisable to use floury potatoes, which are drier and better suited for mashed potatoes, gnocchi and flans. Since they are floury and dry, they will absorb liquids better, such as the milk in the mashed potato recipe.