Stuffed mozzarella roll



A nice Caprese salad is just the kind of fresh, satisfying dish you need on a summer’s day, and today we’re sharing another side of mozzarella with you as we prepare an equally tasty summer appetizer in the form of the stuffed mozzarella roll. Did you know that microwaving the mozzarella in the water it comes in and adding more water allows you to bring the cheese back to a malleable consistency? This makes it easier to work with and roll out with a rolling pin before stuffing it with arugula, prosciutto, and vine tomatoes in a delicious recipe that will have you surprising your guests with an original and tasty appetizer. Try making your own mozzarella roll stuffed with whatever you fancy and let us know what wonderful creations you come up with!

Mozzarella cheese 1.25 lbs (600 g) - (and its water)
Prosciutto crudo 3 oz (90 g)
Cluster tomatoes 7 oz (200 g)
Arugula 0.75 oz (20 g)
Water ½ cup (100 g)
Fine salt to taste

How to prepare Stuffed mozzarella roll

To make this stuffed mozzarella roll, start by placing the mozzarella in a bowl (preferably one just a little bigger than the mozzarella), together with the water it comes in, and add more water until the mozzarella is completely covered 1. Then microwave at 900 W for 7 minutes to melt the mozzarella. In the meantime, wash and thinly slice the cluster tomatoes 2, and prepare the arugula and prosciutto slices. Once the mozzarella has softened 3,

use a spoon to transfer it to a sheet of parchment paper 4. Place another sheet on top, then roll out the mozzarella with a rolling pin 5. This step should be done as quickly as possible, since mozzarella tends to solidify quickly, making it difficult to roll out. Try to obtain a thin rectangle a few millimeters (?”) thick and measuring around 14” x 10” (35 x 25 cm) 6.

Gently remove the upper sheet of parchment paper 7, season with salt 8, and fill the rectangle with the sliced prosciutto 9.

Next, dress with the slices of cluster tomato and the arugula 10, and finally add another layer of sliced prosciutto11. Using the parchment paper to help you, roll the whole thing up, holding tightly as you roll up the filling 12.

Once ready 13, leave the roll to rest in the refrigerator wrapped in the parchment paper for at least 10 minutes. After this time, remove the parchment paper and cut the roll into rounds of about 1” (2.5 cm) thick (you should get 12) 14. Your stuffed mozzarella roll is ready to be served as an appetizer 15!


This stuffed mozzarella roll can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Not recommended for freezing.


Why not let your imagination run wild and fill your mozzarella roll with a whole array of tasty and original fillings! Perhaps you could try starting with a bed of prosciutto topped with mandolin-sliced melon and some chopped fresh mint... If you don’t have a microwave, you can heat the mozzarella in a small saucepan with the same amount of water stated in the recipe until it softens.