Moscow Mule



Unmistakable copper "mug", vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice: here's the perfect Moscow Mule! One of the most popular cocktails, perfect for summer but not only. It is a "build-up" cocktail like the Gin Tonic, meaning cocktails that are built directly in the glass; in this case, in the typical copper mug, the perfect container because it cools down very quickly, allowing you to enjoy the drink at its best. The history of the Moscow Mule, as the name suggests, originates in America around the 1940s thanks to Russian immigrants. There are also variations of this cocktail: such as the London Mule with gin and the Kentucky Mule with bourbon instead of vodka.

Also, discover how to prepare:


For 1 Moscow Mule
Lime juice 0.3 oz (1 cl)
Vodka 1.7 oz (4.5 cl)
Ginger beer 4.1 oz (12 cl)
Lime ½

How to prepare Moscow Mule

To prepare the Moscow Mule, start by chilling the copper mug with ice 1. Stir with the bar spoon 2, then place the strainer on the mug 3.

You can then remove the excess water 4, then, if needed, top up with 1 or 2 ice cubes 5. Now pour the lime juice into the jigger and then into the mug 6.

Pour the vodka into the jigger 7, then into the mug 8, and finally ginger beer until it's about 3/4 inch from the rim directly into the mug 9.

Stir with the bar spoon from the bottom up 10. Add half a lime to the cocktail to enhance the drink's flavor 11. Ready to serve a perfect Moscow Mule 12!

How to store

It is recommended to consume immediately.


It is recommended to serve in the copper mug, as copper is an excellent conductor and allows the container to cool quickly so that the drink is very cold when tasted.

And the cucumber? In the codified recipe found on the IBA website, cucumber is not mentioned. However, for a while - and it still happens today - cucumber has always been added as a garnish.

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