The Cosmopolitan cocktail is a great American classic, often present at high-society evenings for its flavor characterized by the unmistakable sweet and dry combination. Indeed, the tartness from the lime and cranberry juice perfectly complements the sweetness and presence of the vodka and Cointreau, turning the cocktail into an enveloping mix. The history of this drink is not certain, but among the most accredited sources, it seems to have been invented by Cheryl Cook in 1987, when the bartender wanted to create a cocktail particularly loved by the female palate, not knowing that she would instead establish a true pink icon. Over time, the Cosmopolitan has indeed become a major protagonist of cinematography: its most significant role is in the TV series Sex and The City, where the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw talks about her life, sipping this cocktail at the aperitifs and buffets of high-society parties. So, if you find yourself in an American bar and hear someone saying "a cosmo, please" you'll know they are ordering a cosmopolitan!

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Ingredients for 7 oz
Vodka 2.7 oz (80 ml)
Cointreau 1 oz (30 ml)
Cranberry juice 2 oz (60 ml) -
Lime juice 1 oz (30 ml) -
for garnish
Lime 1 slice

How to prepare Cosmopolitan

To prepare the Cosmopolitan start by pouring ice cubes 1 into a shaker then add vodka 2, Cointreau 3,

lime juice 4 and finally cranberry juice 5; close the shaker with the second cup 6 and shake, that is, vigorously shake the two cups stuck together by squeezing the ends and shaking vigorously for a moment.

Separate the two pieces of the shaker and apply the strainer 7, that is the specific strainer to separate the ice from the cocktail, and pour the content into a glass 8, thus filling a double Martini glass 9.

Wash and dry a lime, then cut a thin slice for each glass you have prepared 10, slightly scoring the lime slice so you can apply the wheel on the glass 11. Finally, garnish your Cosmopolitan glass and sip it while it's still fresh 12!

How to store

It is recommended to consume the Cosmopolitan immediately.


Do you know the white version of the Cosmopolitan? It is prepared in the same way and with the same ingredients, but using white cranberry juice!


The Cosmopolitan falls among the so-called "anytime cocktails", meaning those drinks that can be sipped at any hour of the day one prefers. Its alcohol content indeed lends itself very well to accompany quick meals or aperitifs, but also when you are in the company of your friends.