The Margarita is one of the most beloved international cocktails after dinner. The story of this cocktail fades into legend: there is no official birth date, although it probably falls between the 1930s and 1940s. The place is not certain either, contested between Tijuana, in Mexico, or San Diego in California, the American city closest to the border. For sure, however, is the intoxicating taste of a cocktail that makes you dream and encompasses in every sip the warm and exotic essence of summer, just like the famous mojito. The fundamental ingredient of the Margarita is Tequila, a Mexican spirit obtained from the distillation of agave fruit juice, with a distinctive flavor. Tequila is drunk neat, or by immediately eating a pinch of salt and sucking on a lime slice before: it was certainly this use that inspired the able and unknown inventor to create a cocktail where tequila, artfully mixed with lime juice, is sipped from a sombrero-shaped glass rimmed with a seductive crust of salt: the very famous Margarita cocktail!

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For 1 Margarita
Lime juice 1.4 tbsp (1.5 cl)
Triple sec 0.7 oz (2 cl)
Ice to taste
Tequila 1.7 oz (5 cl) - (100% White Agave)
for garnishing
Lime 1 slice
for the "crust"
Lime to taste
Fine salt to taste

How to prepare Margarita

To prepare the Margarita, start with the lime and salt "crust": take the glass (sombrero cup) and run half a lime along the entire outer edge 1. Then, place the glass upside down on a small plate with fine salt 2 so that the salt sticks to the edge 3.

Pour the ice into the high tin of the shaker 4. In the top part of the shaker, the less capacious one, pour the lime juice 5 then the Triple Sec 6.

Finally add the tequila 7. Place the strainer on the tin with ice 8 and remove the excess water 9.

Now pour the liquid components inside 10 and close tightly 11. Shake vigorously for 2-3 times 12.

Pour, with the help of the strainer, the cocktail into the glass 13. Garnish with a slice of lime wedged on the rim of the glass 14 and ready to enjoy a great Margarita cocktail 15!

How to store

It is recommended to consume immediately.


The perfect glass for this cocktail is the "sombrero cup": if the temperatures are excessively hot it is perfect to also contain ice!