Pina colada



The Piña Colada is a long drink made with white rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk: a sweet, aromatic, refreshing, and very tasty cocktail. To make it richer and fuller-bodied, we prefer to use blended fresh pineapple, a small trick that will make your drink much better! The Piña Colada is a summer and versatile cocktail, suitable for a thousand occasions, from dinner on the terrace with friends to a homemade aperitif after a day at the sea. Who will resist the temptation of a sip of tropical summer, with all the taste of the prodigious fruit with its scenographic green tuft?

Serve the Piña Colada together with the Caipirinha, for an evening full of fun!


Pineapple 2 ½ cups (400 g) - (about 5.3 ounces cleaned)
Rum 30 g (30 g)
Coconut milk 2 tbsp (30 g)
for garnishing
Cherries 1

How to prepare Pina colada

To prepare the piña colada, first cut the pineapple in half 1 and then lengthwise to get the quarter you need 2 (you can use the rest of the pineapple for other fresh preparations like Huli Huli Chicken, Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa, ham and pineapple, pineapple and salmon skewers with lemon or shrimp salad in a pineapple). Then make a cut to detach the woody core from the pineapple quarter 3.

With a sharp knife separate the pineapple pulp from the skin 4, then cut the pulp into thick slices 5. Transfer the pineapple pulp into the blender cup 6,

pour the coconut milk into the cup 7, then blend everything until you get a smooth cream 8. With a special measuring cup pour the white rum into the pineapple and coconut cream 9.

Transfer the cocktail into the serving glass 10. Separate the tuft from the pineapple slice you used for the cocktail, and cut it in half lengthwise 11. Make a cut in the base of the tuft 12

so you can place it on the edge of the glass as a garnish 13. Finally, add the cherry to complete the decoration 14. Your piña colada cocktail is ready to be enjoyed 15!


The Piña Colada should be consumed immediately.


If you do not have fresh pineapple available, you can directly shake 100% pineapple juice together with the rum and coconut milk.


There are conflicting versions about the origins of the Piña colada: the first written testimony of a cocktail made with rum, coconut, and pineapple, is reported in 1950 by the New York Times, where in a snippet it talks about the Piña colada as a typically Cuban cocktail. Another version instead describes the Piña colada as a Puerto Rican cocktail, invented in 1963 in San Juan by Don Ramon Portas Mingot, where even today there is a marble plaque that commemorates the invention of this long drink. Whatever its origins, the Piña colada remains one of the most loved and widespread cocktails!