Watermelon caipiroska



There is so much fruit available in the summer! We all have our favorite, we can all agree that watermelon is a big hit with everyone! Synonymous with conviviality and cheer, watermelon is the star of the summer season and source of inspiration for this cocktail we have created just for you: watermelon caipiroska. A reinterpretation of the well-known strawberry caipiroska, this fresh and thirst-quenching version will win you over! Whether you are on the beach around a bonfire with someone strumming on a guitar, or on the veranda at home, watermelon caipiroska is the perfect cocktail for serving... especially straight from an actual watermelon bowl!

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Watermelon 7 oz (200 g) - blended pulp
Vodka ¾ cup (200 g) - straight
Brown sugar ½ cup (120 g)
Lime 3 oz (80 g)
Lemon juice ¾ cup (140 g)
Ice 24 - cubes

How to prepare Watermelon caipiroska

To prepare watermelon caipiroska, start by removing both tips from the fruit. Pay particular attention as one of the sides will be the base for the container, so be sure to slice it evenly and precisely 1. Now cut a bigger slice off to remove the other tip; keep it separated 2. Use a spoon to remove the inside of the watermelon and place all the pieces in a container 3.

Thoroughly remove the inside, eliminate all the seeds and any white strings in the pulp; if you prefer, you can use a lightly dampened cloth. Smooth the inside surfaces 4, cover the container with some plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator 5. Place all the watermelon pulp in a juicer 6

switch it on and position a container beneath it, to collect the extracted juice 7. Weigh the juice and add an equal amount of vodka to it 8. Take the watermelon and cut a hole into it using a sharp utensil, like a corer or a blade 9.

This will be the hole into which the tap will be positioned, so make sure it is quite low down 10. Fit the tap, or spout inside the watermelon, be sure to check it is not blocked with pulp and if this is the case, unblock it 11. Add the watermelon juice mixed with the vodka to your container with a tap 12.

Now prepare the muddled base of the cocktail by cutting the lime in half. Use half a lime for each glass you prepare: cut each half in two 13 and add to tumblers 14. Add the brown sugar and crush it using a pestle 15.

Add the lemon juice to the glass 16, place the glass under the watermelon container, fill with watermelon juice and vodka inside the tumbler 17, then mix 18.

To decorate each glass, scoop 3 small spheres of pulp out of the leftover tip of watermelon for each glass 19, take a wooden skewer and spear one slice of lime, followed by the watermelon spheres 20. Lastly, garnish your watermelon caipiroska with 6 ice cubes per glass and the skewer with the slice of lime and three watermelon spheres 21!


You can prepare the watermelon caipiroska base in advance by juicing the fruit and adding the vodka. Simply store in the refrigerator, along with the watermelon bowl, which you should cover with plastic wrap. You'll need to prepare everything else just before serving.