Bellini cocktail



Bellini cocktail

The Bellini is an Italian long drink par excellence, prepared with peach purée and sparkling white wine. This cocktail was conceived in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of the well-known Harry's Bar in Venice, for the inauguration of the exhibition of paintings by artist Giovanni Bellini. It is said that the particular pink color of the cassock of a saint portrayed by the painter inspired Cipriani to create this drink. Originally, the cocktail was made with Champagne, white peach pulp, and a touch of raspberry purée, which served to give it a slightly pinkish color. Bellini owes its international fame not only to its pleasant fruity and sweet aroma, but also to the many artists from all over the world and regular visitors to Harry's Bar, who spread the knowledge of this cocktail around the world.

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Ingredients for 3 flûte
Spumante 2 tbsp (30 g) - brut (or Prosecco wine)
Peach ½ cup (125 g) - white-fleshed purée

How to prepare Bellini cocktail

To prepare a Bellini, start by washing a white peach under plenty of running water 1. Then dry with a clean cloth 2, and cut into segments without removing the skin 3. Remove the pit.

Now place the peach into the mixer 4 and blend until it is puréed 5. Filter the peach purée with a narrow-mesh strainer placed over a bowl 6.

A uniform purée will be obtained 7. Pour it into a shaker 8 and add very cold brut sparkling wine (or Prosecco wine) 9. Stir the ingredients briefly with a long-handled spoon.

Place the strainer over the mouth of the shaker and filter the cocktail 10 directly into the flutes 11. Now serve your Bellini 12. Cheers!


The Bellini cocktail should be consumed as soon as it's prepared.


Would you like a Bellini with royal allure? Use Champagne instead of Prosecco wine to make a Bellini Royal! Would you prefer the non-alcoholic version? Simply replace the wine with soda! Serve with a slice of peach for an irresistible cocktail!