French toast



French toast

It is not always easy to find the right energy to wake up in the morning... but with the French toast recipe getting out of bed will be a dream! You will hurry to get up to enjoy them! Although the name may suggest a French origin, French toast has American origins, where it is customary to consume it for breakfast or brunch. Slices of brioche bread, but also stale bread or toast, are soaked in a batter of milk and eggs, fried in butter and garnished with jam, honey, creams, fruit or maple syrup, just like pancakes! With its sweetness and simplicity, French toast has conquered the whole world, in fact there are different versions that change from Country to Country: from France, where we find pain perdu, to Spain, home of the torrijas, up to Hong Kong, where it is added often soy sauce too. Whatever version you choose to make, French toast is the perfect breakfast for a sweet awakening!

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Brioche bread 14 slices
Eggs 3 - medium
Whole milk ½ cup (100 g)
Cinnamon powder to taste
Fine salt to taste
For cooking
Butter to taste
For garnishing
Blueberry jam to taste
Butter to taste
Cinnamon powder to taste

How to prepare French toast

To prepare French toast, start first of all, beat the eggs in a low and wide pan, add the milk 1, cinnamon 2 and a pinch of salt 3.

Beat everything with a fork 4. Dip the slices of brioche bread in the egg and milk mixture 5, on both sides 6.

Meanwhile, gently melt the butter in a pan 7. Once melted, place the slices of brioche bread 8 and cook for 2-3 minutes per side, flipping them with a spatula 9. When they turn golden, transfer them to a plate and continue cooking the remaining slices, taking care to melt another piece of butter in the pan each time.

Once cooked, garnish your French toast directly on the serving plates: we used blueberry jam 10, a cube of butter 11 and a pinch of cinnamon. Your French toast is ready to be enjoyed 12!


Serve your freshly made French toast right away.

Freezing is not recommended.


For a savory version you can serve French toast with scrambled eggs.

For an even more genuine breakfast you can make the brioches with your hands following our recipe! Alternatively, you can use toast slices or stale bread.