Chicken bites with yogurt and turmeric



Don't settle for the usual chicken breast! With a little imagination and a handful of ingredients you can create a delicious alternative, chicken bites with yogurt and turmeric. Also ideal for a last-minute dinner, they will conquer everyone at first glance thanks to the wonderful golden hue of turmeric. Furthermore, the yogurt sauce gives the meat an irresistible softness while the pine nuts add an appetizing crunchy note. Bring a ray of sunshine to the table with chicken nuggets with yogurt and turmeric!


Chicken breast 1 lb (500 g)
Pine nuts ½ cup (50 g)
Type 00 flour ½ cup (50 g)
Water ½ cup (120 g)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Fine salt to taste
For the sauce
Low-fat Yogurt 1 cup (200 g)
Powdered turmeric 1 tsp

How to prepare Chicken bites with yogurt and turmeric

To prepare your chicken bites with yogurt and turmeric, first remove from chicken breast any cartilage and bones and cut it into cubes of equal size 1. Transfer the chicken to a bowl, add salt 2, flour 3 and mix well to coat the meat evenly.

Remove the excess flour with a sieve 4 and cook. Heat the oil in a pan, pour the pine nuts 5 and toast them for a few minutes over high heat 5. When the pine nuts are golden, add the floured chicken nuggets 6, mix and let them brown for a few minutes, always on high heat,

then blend with water 7. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce: add the turmeric to the yogurt in a bowl 8 and mix the mixture well 9.

Pour the sauce into the pan 10 and stir over low heat for a few seconds, just long enough to mix it 11. Your chicken bites with yogurt and turmeric are ready to be served 12!


Chicken bites with yogurt and turmeric can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Freezing is not recommended.


If you prefer, you can replace the chicken breast with other cuts such as thighs.

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