Baked sausage and potatoes



Baked sausage and potatoes

If you’re looking for something hearty and substantial for a family dinner or an informal evening with friends, baked sausage and potatoes are sure to hit the spot! This rustic main course may not be the height of elegance or sophistication, but it certainly satisfies the palate with its perfect combination of rich flavors. We’re already sold on the sausage and potato combination. In this very simple, down-to-earth recipe, the irresistibly intense flavor of luganega sausage, enhanced by the roasting process, brings to mind the unmistakable fragrance of food slow-cooked over embers. The recipe is faithful to the no-nonsense, no-frills cuisine typical in northern Italy, but also the method of slow cooking in sauce more commonly found in the south. The potatoes delicately balance out the flavors with their neutral yet hearty taste. All you need at this point is a little rosemary to add aroma! Dinner is served, just make sure you manage to snag the last sausage.

When you don’t have much time, you can always prepare pan-fried sausages or fry the sausage and potatoes together in a pan!

Luganega sausage 1 lb (500 g)
Potatoes 1 lb (500 g)
Extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup (50 g)
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Peeled tomatoes 5 oz (150 g)
Oregano to taste
Rosemary to taste

How to prepare Baked sausage and potatoes

To prepare the baked sausage and potatoes, start with the potatoes. First peel the potatoes, then cut into slices 1 and then into cubes, making sure they’re all the same size (2-3).

Transfer them to a baking sheet 4 and season with salt, pepper, oil 5, and oregano 6. Mix the potatoes to ensure they’re uniformly seasoned.

Now cut the sausages into pieces about 2-3 inches (6-7 cm) long 7 and arrange them on top of the potatoes 8. Mash the peeled tomatoes in a small bowl and pour them onto the baking sheet, mixing everything together 9.

Season with the rosemary needles (10-11) and bake in a conventional oven preheated to 390°F (200°C) for 30-35 minutes. You can open the oven and stir from time to time to ensure the dish cooks evenly. Once cooked 12, serve the baked sausage and potatoes while still hot.


Store the baked sausage and potatoes for up to 1 day in the fridge.

Not suitable for freezing.


Make this recipe even heartier by adding other seasonal vegetables as you like. Artichokes are ideal, for example!