Impepata di cozze (Steamed mussels with pepper)



Impepata di cozze (Steamed mussels with pepper)

In the restaurants of seaside towns, this Neapolitan delicacy is a real must. It has conquered the palates of Italians and many more. We are talking about peppered mussels, known in Neapolitan dialect as 'a 'mpepata e cozze. It is an appetizer that is very easy, very quick to prepare, and just as tasty... and cheap. Usually peppered mussels are the opening dish for Sunday lunch, with the classic meat sauce or with oil. The original recipe for peppered mussels only contains two ingredients: mussels and pepper. There are those who add a pinch of parsley and those who enjoy them (as we did!) with squeezed lemon. Now are you ready to bring a bit of Naples to your table? Here's the recipe for peppered mussels!

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Mussels 4.4 lbs (2 kg) - to be cleaned
Black pepper to taste - to be ground when needed
for pairing (optional)
Parsley to taste
Lemons to taste

How to prepare Impepata di cozze (Steamed mussels with pepper)

Start by cleaning the mussels. First make sure they are all closed: discard those that are broken or open. Then remove any barnacles with a small knife 1 and pull out the hairy beard 2 that may stick out of the shell. Finally, scrape off the impurities with a clean scourer or stiff brush 3.

Rinse them thoroughly and move to the stove 4. Heat a very large pot, put in the mussels 5 and add the black pepper immediately (it is better to grind the pepper when needed, as you will obtain a more aromatic and intense taste) 6.

Close with the lid and let the mussels 7 completely open. Occasionally shake the pot to stir. It will take 3-4 minutes 8. At the end of cooking, remove the lid and place lemon slices and chopped parsley on serving plates. Your peppered mussels are ready: enjoy your meal 9!


Storage is not recommended.


If you prefer, you can add a few tomatoes to the mussels and enjoy a delicious sauce!