Impepata di cozze (Peppered Mussels)



Impepata di cozze (Peppered Mussels)

In the restaurants of seaside cities, this Neapolitan delicacy is a real must, winning over the palates of all Italians and beyond. We're talking about peppered mussels, known in Neapolitan dialect as 'a 'mpepata e cozze. An extremely easy appetizer, very quick to prepare, just as tasty... and economical. Usually, peppered mussels kick off the Sunday lunch, the classic one based on traditional dishes like neapolitan ragù or genovese. The original recipe of peppered mussels requires only two ingredients for its realization: mussels and pepper. Some add a pinch of parsley and some enjoy it (as we did!) with squeezed lemon. Fans of this bivalve mollusk will have already delighted in preparing a steaming sauté or the tasty Tarantine mussels. Now you're ready to bring a bit of Naples to your table! Here's the recipe for peppered mussels!

Also try the Neapolitan mussel soup, a typical recipe of the Lenten period.


Mussels 4.5 lbs (2 kg) - to be cleaned
Black pepper to taste
to accompany (optional)
Parsley to taste
Lemons to taste

How to prepare Impepata di cozze (Peppered Mussels)

To prepare the peppered mussels start with the cleaning of the mussels. First, make sure they are all closed: discard any that are broken or open. Then remove the 'dog teeth' with a knife 1 and detach the beard 2. Finally, scrub off the impurities with a new scouring pad 3.

Rinse the mussels thoroughly and move to the stove 4. Heat a very large pot, throw in the mussels 5 and add black pepper immediately (it's best to grind the pepper at the moment, you'll get a more aromatic and intense flavor) 6.

Cover with the lid and let the bivalves open completely 7. From time to time, shake the pot to stir 8. It will take 3-4 minutes. At the end of cooking, remove the lid and serve on dishes, garnishing as desired with lemon wedges and chopped parsley. Your peppered mussels are ready: enjoy your meal 9!

How to store

Any form of preservation is not recommended.


For a tasty variant, you can open the mussels by adding a drizzle of oil, 2 cloves of garlic, and some chili pepper.

If you want to use the peppered mussels to dress a pasta dish, we recommend cooking the pasta very al dente and finishing the cooking directly in the pot in the mussel water!