Vegetable broth



Vegetable broth, closely related to fish broths, is a basic preparation of Italian cuisine, among the simplest and most versatile there is. Indeed, it is the ideal companion for risottos, veloutés, and, not least, the essential neutral base for cooking homemade fresh pasta, replacing plain water. But what really counts to obtain a good vegetable broth is the choice of vegetables: strictly the freshest and in season, and above all choosing those you prefer the most. Therefore, all the customizations you want are allowed, including the choice of the most varied spices to scent it and make it truly special. And with the leftover vegetables? Well, try to mash them with a fork and put them back in the broth, cook the pasta (strictly broken spaghetti) in it, and serve with a generous sprinkling of grated cheese at the moment... in the end, we even gave you another recipe. Vegetable broth is simple but fantastic, don't you think?

Discover also how to prepare vegetable cube, to prepare the broth in a few minutes!

Ingredients for about 6 cups of vegetable broth
Water 2 quarts (2 l)
Celery 0.67 cup (150 g)
Carrots 7 oz (200 g)
Yellow onions 1 ¼ cup (200 g)
Cluster tomatoes 0.33 lb (150 g)
Ground black pepper to taste
Fine salt to taste

How to prepare Vegetable broth

To prepare the vegetable broth, start by cleaning the vegetables. Then peel the carrot 1, trim it, and cut it into rather thick pieces 2; move on to the celery: remove the end part and the leaves, then divide each stalk into 2 or 3 parts 3.

Continue by cutting the tomato in half 4 and finally peel the onion 5 and cut this in half too 6.

Place it in a non-stick pan 7 and let it brown without adding fats, for 4-5 minutes on high heat: turn the halves occasionally, so you avoid burning them 8. Pour all the ingredients into a large pot 9

add the black peppercorns 10 and cover with the cold water 11. Turn on the heat 12 and bring to a boil,

then slightly lower the heat, letting everything simmer for about an hour 13. At the end of cooking, adjust salt to taste and strain to collect the vegetables 14. Your vegetable broth is now ready, if you prefer you can dilute it with more water or use it immediately 15.

How to store

You can store the vegetable broth, without the vegetables, in the refrigerator for up to a week or you can freeze it in handy ice cube trays, so you can use a cube or more as needed.


Enrich your vegetable broth with your favorite vegetables, but also by adding ginger or citrus peels to give it an aromatic note!