Stuffed zucchini swirls



Everyone is crazy about zucchini! Especially when served in such a tempting way, just like in this recipe for puff pastry swirls or these cute buns. But we still can't get enough, which is why we have created these delicious fried bite-size stuffed zucchini swirls, the perfect summer snack for serving with drinks. With a ham and cheese heart and crisp breadcrumb coating, these tempting stuffed zucchini swirls will be gone in a flash!


Ingredients for 18 swirls
Zucchini 1.54 lbs (700 g)
Edam cheese 9.9 oz (280 g)
Prosciutto cotto 7.8 oz (220 g)
Breadcrumbs 1 ¼ cup (150 g)
Eggs 3
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
For frying
Peanut seed oil to taste

How to prepare Stuffed zucchini swirls

To make these stuffed zucchini swirls, start by washing and tipping the zucchini. Use a mandolin to cut them into slices lengthwise, around 5/32"-13/64" mm thick 1. You'll need 36 slices of zucchini. Cut the cheese into slices that are the same width as the zucchini slices 2. Now take a slice of zucchini and lay it over 2 slices of cheese 3.

You'll need to cover the entire surface 4. Add a slice of ham 5 and top with another slice of zucchini 6

Roll it up 7 and spear with 2 toothpicks to hold it in place 8. Once you have finished rolling up all the zucchini slices with a cheese and ham filling, you will have 18 swirls 9

Heat the seed oil for frying. In the meantime, beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper. Dip the swirls in the egg 19 and then coat with breadcrumbs 11. Fry 2-3 swirls at a time in the oil at a temperature of 340°F, for around 4-5 minutes 12

Drain 13 on absorbent paper towel 14. Your stuffed zucchini swirls are ready to serve 15.


Our advice is that you eat the stuffed zucchini swirls as soon as they are cooked.


Choose large zucchini that are the same shape to obtain homogeneous slices.

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