Stringy cheese and zucchini flan



Zucchini are one of the most loved vegetables and are used in lots of recipes in the kitchen! Today we'd like to present you with a truly simple and delicious one: stringy cheese and zucchini flan! Unlike the classic zucchini flan this is a more rustic version that is baked in the oven on a single tray, perfect for sharing. This dish is excellent served hot, for making the most of the stringy effect, but have now fear, it can also be enjoyed at room temperatures on hotter days. Smoked scamorza cheese is perfect paired with the sweet flavor of zucchini, and will add a truly unique taste! Serve stringy cheese and zucchini flan as a starter or single dish: you will amaze your guests with minimum effort.

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Ingredients for an 9.5 inch square mold
Zucchini 2 lbs (900 g)
Garlic 1 clove
Cream cheese 2 cups (350 g)
Eggs 2 (100 g) - (2 small)
Grana Padano PDO cheese 6 oz (180 g)
Breadcrumbs 1 cup (100 g)
Smoked scamorza cheese 7 oz (200 g)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Thyme to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste


Start by thoroughly washing and tipping the zucchini.?Now thinly slice them using a mandolin 1. Cut them all into slices 2. Add a drizzle of oil to a pan, then the crushed garlic clove 3 and leave to brown for a couple of minutes on a high flame.

Now add the zucchini slices, flavor with salt and pepper 4 and cook for around 10 minutes 5. Remove from the heat and leave to cool. In the meantime, place the creamy cheese in a large bowl and beat with a whisk 6.?

Add the eggs 7. Beat the ingredients with a whisk to form a homogeneous and liquid cream 8. Add a pinch of salt 9.

Add the thyme leaves 10 too. Add the lukewarm zucchini to the mixture 11 and stir them in 12.?

Now also add 3.5 oz of grated Grana cheese 13 and the breadcrumbs 14. Stir 15 and leave to one side.

Cut the scamorza cheese into slices 16. Thoroughly grease a 9.5"x9.5" baking tray and sprinkle a little grated Grana cheese onto the base 17. Add half of the zucchini mixture to the baking tray and smooth with a spoon 18.?

Top with the scamorza cheese slices 19 and then add the remaining zucchini mixture. Smooth with the back of a spoon 20 and sprinkle with the remaining grated Grana cheese 21.

Add a drizzle of oil 22, a grating of pepper 23, and decorate with the thyme leaves. Bake in a static oven at 356? for 30 minutes, then switch to ventilated mode and bake for another 5 minutes at the same temperature. Remove the stringy cheese and zucchini flan from the oven when nice and golden 24 and wait a few minutes before serving it hot.


Stringy cheese and zucchini flan can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days.


You can use a different cheese instead of scamorza, as long as it becomes stringy when melted. Avoid mozzarella, because it may release too much water when cooked.

You can replace the spreadable cheese with ricotta.