Sautéed Artichokes



It's artichoke time! How much we love them smothered, stir-fried! Today we discover a basic, quick, and tasty version: sautéed artichokes. They are one of the artichoke side dishes simplest to prepare with just pepper, garlic, and a handful of parsley! And to get to the heart, the one to use in the recipe, just follow our cooking school, to clean artichokes! Once you know how, preparing artichokes will always be a delicious challenge, for a tray au gratin, delicious with potatoes to accompany meat or fish dishes, fried in mustard for a tasty appetizer, like flans or stuffed like the stuffed artichokes! Give your menu a different flavor with many artichoke recipes, like our fritters!

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Artichokes 4
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
White wine 1.5 oz (45 g)
Garlic 1 clove
Water 3 tbsp (45 g)
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Parsley to taste
Mint 1 sprig

How to prepare Sautéed Artichokes

To prepare the sautéed artichokes, prepare a bowl with acidulated water 1 to dip the artichokes in as you clean them. Wear gloves to avoid staining your hands: cut off part of the base, the hardest part 2. Then remove the outermost tough leaves 3, until you reach the heart: the leaves will have a lighter base.

With a paring knife (or a vegetable peeler) peel the artichokes 4, cut off the tips 5 and as you go, place them in acidulated water 6.

One by one, drain and cut in half 7: remove the inner fuzz always with the paring knife. Divide each half again to obtain slices. Dip them back into the acidulated water. Wash and finely chop the parsley 8. Heat a drizzle of oil in a pan with the garlic 9.

Add a sprig of mint 10 and pour in the drained artichokes 11. Salt 12 and let sear for a moment, stirring or shaking the pan

Cover with a lid 13 and cook for 5 minutes. Then de-glaze with white wine 14 and let the alcohol part evaporate for a moment. Season with pepper to taste 15.

Season with parsley 16, stir again. Then add water and cook for another 10 minutes 17, this time without the lid. Your sautéed artichokes are ready, serve immediately 18.


It would be preferable to prepare and consume the artichokes immediately or shortly after.



You can enrich this side dish by adding capers rinsed of salt, a crispy breadcrumb topping made with breadcrumbs and herbs, or flavor with turmeric or ginger!

Adjust cooking time and water addition according to the softness level you prefer for the artichokes!

Instead of white wine, you can de-glaze with lemon juice by halving the dose, it will give a pleasant sour note and will enhance the color of your artichokes.

To clean the artichokes, if you don't have gloves, you can thoroughly wet your hands with lemon juice.