Quinoa with vegetables



If thinking about a vegan, light, and gluten-free dish only brings to mind sad boiled vegetables, today with our recipe we will show you how cheerful and tasty healthy eating can be: quinoa with vegetables, with its explosion of aromas and colors, is an easy and fun way to discover new flavors in the kitchen, with all lightness. A dice of crispy vegetables accompanies the quinoa, the queen of all 'pseudo-cereals,' in a merry-go-round of flavors that will win over traditionalists and delight lovers of alternative cuisine. Prepare quinoa with vegetables for your dinners with friends: celiacs and vegetarians will thank you, and even omnivores will ask for seconds!

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Quinoa 1 cup (200 g)
Champignon mushrooms 3.5 oz (100 g)
Red peppers 0.2 lb (70 g)
Yellow peppers 2.5 oz (70 g)
Zucchini 1 ½ cup (150 g)
Red onions 3.5 oz (100 g)
Water 1.7 cups (400 g)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Mint to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

How to prepare Quinoa with vegetables

To prepare quinoa with vegetables, start by cleaning the red onions, cutting them in half, and then thinly slicing them 1. Halve the red bell pepper and scrape out the seeds 2. Then dice it into small cubes 3,

and repeat the same cut for the yellow bell pepper 4. Dice the zucchini as well 5 and finally clean the mushrooms and slice them 6.

Heat a drizzle of oil in a saucepan 7 and add the onions first. Let them stew slowly, deglazing with a bit of water when they start to turn golden 8, and continue cooking for a few more minutes until they are very tender. At that point, add the bell peppers 9,

mix and cook for a couple of minutes before adding the zucchini and mushrooms 10. Cook everything for another 5 minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper 11: your vegetables are ready and beautifully crispy! Now take care of the quinoa: rinse it thoroughly to remove the saponin layer that forms the outer coating, then heat a drizzle of oil at the bottom of a saucepan and toast the quinoa 12.

Stir with a wooden spoon to prevent it from sticking 13, season with salt 14, and continue cooking by covering with the remaining water: its volume should be twice that of the quinoa 15.

As soon as the seeds open up like flowers and the water is absorbed, the quinoa is ready: combine it with the vegetables 16. Mix and sauté for a minute to blend the flavors, then finish with a handful of mint leaves to add fragrance to the dish 17: the quinoa with vegetables is ready to be enjoyed 18!

How to store

You can store quinoa with vegetables in the fridge, covered, for 2-3 days.


If you prefer to give your quinoa with vegetables a more ethnic touch, you can add a pinch of turmeric and curry: the result will be even more lively and colorful!


Quinoa is an herbaceous plant native to South America; it belongs to the same family as beets and spinach but is often used as a cereal in cooking. It is ideal for gluten-free diets and is highly digestible.

Questions and Answers

What are the benefits of quinoa?

Quinoa has several benefits, including high nutritional properties, richness in fiber, proteins, and amino acids, and the fact that it is gluten-free, making it perfect for people with intolerances.

What is quinoa?

Quinoa is a pseudocereal because it does not belong to the grass family. Its seeds, once ground, produce a flour rich in starch, just like a cereal.

How many calories does quinoa have?

3.5 oz (100 g) of quinoa contains about 350 kcal.

How much quinoa per person?

The right portion of quinoa per person ranges between 2.5 oz and 2.8 oz. Obviously, the richer and more elaborate the dish, the smaller these quantities become due to the nutritional values of the other foods.

How much protein is in quinoa?

3.5 oz of raw quinoa contains about 0.5 oz of protein, while 3.5 oz of cooked quinoa contains about 0.14 oz of protein. In raw quinoa, proteins make up about 7%, with 76% carbohydrates and 17% fats. In cooked quinoa, proteins represent 16%, with 77% carbohydrates and 7% fats.

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