Pork Loin with Milk



The loin is a lean cut of pork, ideal for roasting or braising whole. If you have pork slices instead, you can use them for a quick and easy recipe like pork loin with milk! In just 10 minutes, you'll have a tender and flavorful main course that's perfect for the whole family. The pork slices are briefly seared in a pan before being immersed in a creamy milk sauce that guarantees a soft and succulent result. Serve the pork loin with milk with a side salad or seasonal vegetables for a tasty and complete dinner that you'll definitely want to repeat!

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Pork loin 1.3 lbs (600 g) - sliced
Whole milk 0.9 cup (200 g)
Type 00 flour 0.8 cup (100 g)
Butter 5.6 tbsp (80 g)
Chives to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

How to prepare Pork Loin with Milk

To make pork loin with milk, pour the flour into a baking dish, add salt 1 and pepper. Dredge the pork slices in the flour, coating both sides and shaking off the excess 2 3.

Melt the butter in a pan 4, then place the pork loin slices in the pan 5 and sear them over medium-high heat for a couple of minutes on each side 6.

Transfer the meat to a plate and keep it warm 7. Pour the milk into the same pan 8, add salt and pepper 9, and let it thicken for 4 minutes.

At this point, return the pork slices to the pan 10 and continue cooking for another minute over low heat. Turn off the heat and garnish with chopped chives 11. Your pork loin with milk is ready to be served 12!

How to store

It is recommended to consume the pork loin with milk immediately. If necessary, you can store it in the refrigerator for 1-2 days in an airtight container.


If you prefer, you can substitute chives with parsley!

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