Pasta with zucchini carbonara sauce



Pasta with zucchini carbonara sauce

Spaghetti alla carbonara: this is the first culinary stop that usually happens on a visit to Rome! Guanciale, Pecorino cheese, and eggs come together with spaghetti – the classic pasta shape – to form a creamy, delicious, time-honored dish. But there’s more than just the traditional way to prepare this dish, meaning you can make a different version every time. We’ve already tempted you with an artichoke and pancetta version. This time, we invite you to try another tasty vegetarian twist that uses bow tie pasta instead of spaghetti, as its shape is perfect for catching the egg and diced zucchini used to give the dish a lighter, more delicate flavor. Pasta with zucchini carbonara sauce is perfect if you’re looking for a flavorful vegetarian appetizer or a meal for your kids – the fun shape of the pasta will mean they won’t even notice the vegetables!

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Bow tie pasta 0.75 lb (320 g)
Zucchini 7 oz (200 g)
Egg yolks 5 - (very fresh)
Pecorino cheese 1 cup (100 g)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
To garnish
Pecorino cheese to taste

How to prepare Pasta with zucchini carbonara sauce

To make the pasta with zucchini carbonara sauce, first wash and trim the zucchini, then cut into sticks 1 and dice 2. Meanwhile, bring a saucepan full of salted water to a boil, which you will use to cook the pasta. Heat some olive oil 3 in a frying pan.

Add the zucchini 4 and brown for around 6-7 minutes over high heat; they should remain crunchy. Pour the egg yolks and Pecorino cheese 5 into a bowl and whisk 6.

Add one ladleful of cooking water from the pasta 7 and stir to get a creamy mix 8. In the meantime, cook the pasta for the time stated on the package 9.

Season the browned zucchini 10 with salt and pepper, and when the pasta is ready, transfer it directly into the frying pan 11 using a slotted spoon. With the heat off, add the egg yolk and cheese mix 12.

Stir to combine 13, then serve the pasta with zucchini carbonara sauce 14, garnishing the dishes with Pecorino shavings to taste 15.


We recommend eating the pasta with zucchini carbonara sauce as soon as it’s ready! Not suitable for freezing.


Try replacing the zucchini with other vegetables, such as green beans, artichokes, or eggplant, and if strongly-flavored Pecorino isn’t your cup of tea, just use Parmigiano Reggiano cheese instead!