Hot chocolate



Hot chocolate is one of the most delicious hot drinks ever, perfect for enjoying in the winter. Making it at home is simple, and if you are looking for a recipe for a creamy, velvety hot chocolate then you are in the right place! As of today you will no longer need ready-made powder mixes: once you try it, we are sure you will stick with this recipe. Dark chocolate, cocoa, milk and starch is all you need to prepare this quick recipe! Hot chocolate is more than just a beverage, it is a moment of sure to make lots, bring all the family together and enjoy it. If it is snowing outside, the moment will be unbeatably magical! Together let's discover how to prepare it in just a few simple steps... and for a more'ish touch, why not add a little whipped cream and perhaps a dash of cinnamon!

Did you know there are many versions of this hot drink? Here are some we recommend:

  • hot chocolate with coconut
  • hot chocolate with coffee
  • hot chocolate with white chocolate
  • hot chocolate with caramel
  • hot white chocolate with mint
Whole milk 2 cups (500 g)
Dark chocolate 60-69% ¾ cup (120 g)
Unsweetened cocoa powder 3 tbsp (20 g)
Cornstarch 1 tbsp (20 g)
Sugar 1 ½ tbsp (20 g)

How to prepare Hot chocolate

To prepare hot chocolate, start by finely chopping the dark chocolate 1. Now place it in a double boiler 2 and leave it to dissolve on a medium flame, stirring all the while 3.

Leave it to one side and continue with the preparation of this recipe. Take a small pan, add the milk 4 and then sieve and stir in the corn starch 5, followed by the dark cocoa powder 6.

Place on the stove and heat it up, whisking all the while 7; now add the sugar 8 and continue stirring, once more bringing the mixture to the boil 9.

Now add the melted chocolate 10, stir until you obtain your desired consistency and pour immediately into mugs 11. Now all you need to do is enjoy it 12.


It is best enjoyed right away.
Any kind of storage is not recommended.


You can shorten or lengthen cooking times according to your taste; if your hot chocolate becomes too dense, simply add a little milk or cream.
If you do not have any corn starch, replace it with potato starch, although you may need to use much more as both have very different thickening properties.
As an alternative to caster sugar you could add icing sugar, for a more velvety consistency, or brown sugar for a more intense flavor.

Suggestions and interesting facts

  • What do you need to do if you want a very dense hot chocolate?

    Simply cook it for longer.

  • Can you use a chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage?

    You can use your chocolate of preference, consider the flavor may be more bitter.

  • Can you use milk chocolate?

    You can, but we advise you leave out or reduce the amount of added sugar.

  • What can you use to flavor hot chocolate?

    Vanilla or cinnamon!