Apple cake



Apple cake

Apples have always been the undisputed stars of the homemade dessert, including our very own apple cake: Tasty, soft, and full of flavor, it really is the ultimate comfort food! After all, anyone who has tried one knows just how comforting a homemade apple cake can be, with its simple sweetness, soft texture, and unmistakable aroma; timeless flavors that conjure up memories of time spent with family, each with its own recipe to be closely guarded like the most precious of treasure. This recipe is for our own version of apple cake, perfect for an indulgent and mouth-watering treat to be shared with loved ones, though there are many variations of this dessert, from one with sliced apples to a light version, without butter or with mascarpone cheese!


Ingredients for a 9-inch (22-cm) diameter cake pan
Rennet apple 2 lbs (930 g) - (1.5 lb (700 g) peeled)
Sugar 1 cup (200 g)
Type 00 flour 2 ¼ cups (250 g)
Butter ½ cup (100 g)
Whole milk ⅔ cup (150 g) - at room temperature
Eggs 2 - at room temperature
Lemons 1
Baking powder 1 tbsp (16 g)
Cinnamon powder 1 tsp
Fine salt 1 pinch
For sprinkling
Powdered sugar to taste

How to prepare Apple cake

To make the apple cake, first melt the butter in the microwave or over a bain-marie, and set aside. Grate the lemon zest 1 and squeeze the juice out of it to obtain around 2 tbsp (30 g) 2, then set both the zest and the juice aside. Slice the apples in half and remove the cores 3.

Peel the apples 4, then cut them into quarters 5, and slice them down the short side 6.

Place the sliced apples in a bowl, sprinkle them with the lemon juice 7, and mix well. This will help prevent them from going brown. Next, sift the cake flour with the baking powder 8. Then, pour the eggs 9

and some of the sugar 10 into a large bowl. Start beating with a hand mixer 11 and continue pouring in the sugar a little at a time 12.

When the mixture begins to lighten, add a pinch of salt 13 and continue whisking until the mixture is light and fluffy. At this point, add the melted butter, now at room temperature 14. Flavor with the cinnamon powder 15

and add the grated lemon peel 16. Add the sifted flour and baking powder a spoonful at a time 17, continuing to whisk as you do so. Once the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed in, lower the speed of the hand mixer and drizzle in the milk, which should also be at room temperature 18.

Once the milk is thoroughly mixed in, turn off the mixer; the cake batter is ready 19. Drain the apples in a colander to remove the lemon juice 20 and add them to the mixture 21.

Gently mix from the bottom up to ensure the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated 22. Butter and sprinkle with sugar a 9-inch (22-cm) cake pan and pour in the batter 23 with the help of a spatula. The cake is ready to be baked 24 in a conventional oven preheated to 350°F (180°C) for around 55 minutes.

Once baked, take it out of the oven 25 and leave to cool completely before removing it from the pan. Dust the cake with powdered sugar 26 and serve 27: Your apple cake is ready to be enjoyed!


Store the apple cake at room temperature, preferably under a glass cake dome, for a maximum of 2-3 days. It can also be frozen once baked.


If you don’t like cinnamon, why not try flavoring the cake with the seeds of a vanilla pod. To make the apple cake richer, you could always try adding pine nuts or raisins to the batter.

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