Yummy gluten-free chocolate cake



It's time for a snack, you don't know what dessert to enjoy? We know how you feel, there's always so much choice. On the one hand we have the old school of thought, which could never go without savory pleasures such as bread and salami, or a filled focaccia. On the other hand, others prefer something sweet, be it simple, like ricotta and sugar, or more complex, like grandma's custard cake, a ring cake or some American muffins. But one ingredient trumps all: chocolate. So we've decided to bake this yummy gluten-free chocolate cake. In this way, those who are gluten intolerant can also enjoy this delicacy worry-free, in all its sweetness. Its consistency is very similar to Moist chocolate cake, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Given the absence of flour, the cake tends to sink a little, so to make it truly beautiful and delicious, we decided to cover it entirely in a soft whipped ganache. You can't imagine just how good our yummy gluten-free chocolate cake really is, why not make it so you can tell us! Don't forget to comment if you liked it and to send your photos...unless of course it disappears before you have a chance to do so!


Dark chocolate 7 oz (200 g)
Butter ⅔ cup (150 g)
Almond flour 1 cup (150 g)
Sugar ¾ cup (150 g)
Eggs 12 oz (330 g) - (around 6 medium ones)
For the ganache
Dark chocolate 6 oz (175 g)
Heavy cream ¾ cup (175 g)
For decoration
Almond flakes 2 ½ tbsp (15 g)


To prepare this yummy gluten-free chocolate cake start with the batter. Cut the butter into small pieces, place it in a small pan and melt it on a low flame 1. In the meantime, finely chop up the dark chocolate 2, place it in a bowl and add it to the butter as soon as it dissolves 3.

Stir right away with a spatula so that the chocolate melts; leave to one side 4. In the meantime, separate the eggs, at room temperature, in two capacious bowls 5, and start beating the whites with around half of the sugar (0.4 cups) 6

using an electric whisk (or a planetary mixer) 7. Once whipped and glossy (so a little less stiff), switch off the whisk 8 and now beat the yolks with the remaining sugar, adding a little at a time 9.

After around 3-4 minutes the mixture will become light colored and frothy; now switch off the whisk and add the warm chocolate 11. Stir with a spatula 12

to obtain a soft and homogeneous mixture 13, then add the egg whites too 14. Delicately fold them in them with a spatula, from the bottom up 15.

Then do the same with the almond flour, it is best to use a fork to remove any lumps (16-17). Butter a 24 cm pan and sprinkle with potato starch, or line it with parchment paper 18.

Place the batter in the pan 19 and smooth the surface by rotating the cake pan a couple of times by hand 20; lastly, bake in a static oven preheated to 360?F for 50 minutes on the middle shelf. Leave the cake to cool entirely before removing it from the pan and placing it face down on the serving plate, so that the upper surface is now below. Don't worry, the cake tends to sink in the middle, it is normal and happens because of the lack of flour 21.

In the meantime, quickly toast the almond shards in a pan and leave them to one side 22. As soon as the dessert cools, make the whipped ganache. Heat the cream without bringing it to the boil 23, finely chop up the chocolate and place it in a bowl 24.

When the cream is nice and hot, pour it over the chocolate 25 and stir with a spatula 26 until all the ingredients blend together 27.

Place the container in a larger one with a little cold water and a few ice cubes 28. Switch on the electric whisk 29 and beat to obtain a clear and frothy mixture with a soft consistency 30.

Switch off the whisk and coat the cake with the whipped ganache 31: both on top and around the entire circumference 33.

Clean the plate 34 and garnish with the almond shards by sprinkling them onto the sides from above, along the entire circumference 35. Now your delicious yummy gluten-free chocolate cake is ready: buon appetito 36!


Store your yummy gluten-free chocolate cake in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. You can freeze the cake if you have used only fresh and no defrosted ingredients, without the ganache coating. Or you can prepare the base the day before and store it under a glass cloche and garnish it the day after.


Embellish your yummy gluten-free chocolate cake with some fresh or pureed raspberries, which you can pour directly onto the ganache.