Roast cod with potatoes



Roast cod and potatoes is a homely second course characterized by simple yet timeless flavors. Over time the practicality of salted cod, an ancient preservation method, has given rise to countless recipes that exalt its unique flavor in different ways. The famous cod alla vicentina was created in Veneto; Tuscan heritage has left us with cod alla livornese, and let's not forget the delicious bites of fried cod alla romana. There really is something for every taste, but here we present you with a very simple and delicious recipe, which thanks to the quick pan frying and oven baking, will mean you'll end up with a finger-licking good single dish!

Desalted cod 1 lb (800 g)
Potatoes 1 lb (500 g)
White wine 4 tbsp (60 ml)
Flour 00 to taste
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Parsley to taste

How to prepare Roast cod with potatoes

To prepare roast cod with potatoes, we used unsalted cod, which requires rinsing only. Proceed by peeling 1 and dicing 2 the potatoes. Bring water to the boil, add the diced potatoes and cook for 5 minutes 3.

Drain the potatoes. Place 2 spoons of oil in a pan with the potatoes 4, cook for 5 minutes on a high flame, add salt 5 and stir. Remove and leave to one side 6.

Rinse, dab thoroughly and remove any bones in the cod 7, then cut into large pieces 8. Now thoroughly coat in flour 9.

In the same pan you browned the potatoes in, cook the cod on a high flame for 2 minutes 10, add white wine 11, simmer and reduce, then remove from the heat. Place the potatoes on an oiled baking tray 12.

Add the cod too, skin side up 13, then season with salt 14 and pepper. Bake in a preheated ventilated oven at 355°F (180°C) for 20 minutes, remove the tray from the oven, turn the cod pieces over and bake on the other side for another 10 minutes. Remove the roast cod with potatoes from the oven and serve with fresh parsley 15.


Roast cod with potatoes is best enjoyed within one day. Freezing is not recommended.


Do not remove the cod skin to prevent it from flaking apart when baking.