Pumpkin in oil



Time to make some preserves! Have you ever tried making pumpkin in oil? We're going to show you how to preserve this precious autumn vegetable in a jar. Before you get started, we recommend you choose a sweet and perfectly ripe pumpkin, so that you can enjoy all its goodness in the months to come, when it is no longer in season. Preparing squash in oil is easy, but just like with pumpkin jam, it is important you closely follow the instructions in certain steps, to ensure its correct preservation. You can enjoy pumpkin in oil as a side dish, served with a variety of delicious second courses: together let's discover how to preserve all its goodness, in a jar!

Ingredients (for around 2 jars each 390 ml)
Delica pumpkin 2 lbs (900 g) - to be cleaned
Water 1 cup (300 g)
White wine vinegar 1 cup (300 g)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Garlic 2 cloves
Bay leaves to taste
Thyme to taste

How to prepare Pumpkin in oil

To prepare pumpkin in oil, start by making sure you use sanitized jars (follow the instructions by the Ministry of health on preparing home made preserves). Peel the pumpkin 1 and remove the seeds inside 2. Once cleaned, you'll need around 1.1 lb of pumpkin. Cut into roughly 0.2 inch thick slices 3.

Dice the slices into 0.8 inch pieces 4. Place them in a saucepan with water 5 and vinegar 6.

Bring to the boil and cook for around 4 minutes. Add the aromatic herbs 7, the finely chopped garlic 8, and cook for another minute. Thoroughly drain the squash using a colander 9.

Place the pieces on a clean cloth 10 and leave to cool until warm. Now take 2 x 390 ml jars and fill each one with the diced pumpkin and aromatic herbs 11. Add a few pieces of garlic too 12.

Add some more pumpkin to fill the jars 13, then pour in the extravirgin oil 14 to fully cover the squash 15. It is important you only fill the jars to 0.8 inches from the top.

Put the lid on and tightly shut 16. Immerse the sealed jars in a saucepan with cold water, up to the lid 17. Boil for 20 minutes then leave the jars to cool in the water. Once cold, make sure there is enough oil before you put them away, otherwise the jar must be reopened and topped up, in which case you will have to boil it again, like in step 17. Once ready and cooled, check a vacuum has been created by pressing down on the middle of the lid: if it doesn't make the "click-clack" sound then it is vacuum sealed 18. Now your pumpkin in oil is ready to be put away in your pantry!


Pumpkin in oil is best enjoyed a few weeks after preparation.

We recommend storing it for around 3-6 months in a fresh and dry place.

Once opened, the jars must be stored in the refrigerator, top them up with oil to cover the vegetable and finish within 3-4 days.


Instead of thyme and laurel you can use whatever aromatic herbs you like best: rosemary or sage will work a treat, for example!

If you prefer you can salt the squash in step 7.

For the correct preparation of home made preserves

For the correct preparation of home made preserves, please refer to the Ministry of Health guidelines. This list of rules contains information on kitchen and personal hygiene, the use of instruments, on how to handle ingredients, pasteurization and storage, so as to avoid any health risks.