Nutella liqueur



All you have to do is say Nutella and the kids already have their fingers in the jar! But the treat we have for you today isn’t for kids; This one is something special just for grown-ups! This recipe is bound to win you over: Nutella liqueur! So, is it a digestif? We consider it more of an enjoyable post-meal experience or something for a sweet afternoon treat. To tell the truth... any excuse is a good one to sip this wonderful drink! And how about sharing the goodness with friends and family by giving them a bottle of homemade Nutella liqueur as a gift? We’re sure it will be greatly appreciated by whoever receives it, plus it will mean that you can keep your own bottle all for yourself!


Ingredients for 1 quart (1 L) of liqueur
Nutella 1 cup (300 g)
Whole milk 1 ¾ cup (300 g)
Heavy cream 1 ¾ cup (300 g)
Pure alcohol ⅔ cup (150 g) - (95% ABV/190 proof)

How to prepare Nutella liqueur

To make the Nutella liqueur, start by pouring the milk and cream 1 into a large pot, and then add the Nutella 2. Mix vigorously with a whisk to combine all the ingredients and stop lumps from forming 3. Then begin to heat gently. Once the mixture is warm, but before it’s reached a boil, and the Nutella is fully melted, turn off the heat and remove the pot from the stove. Leave the mixture to cool completely. Keep whisking it every now and then to prevent a film from forming on top.

Once the mixture has cooled completely, add the alcohol 4 and blend it well into the other ingredients. Finally, pour into clean bottles that you’ll keep it in 5 and allow to cool completely for at least 10 minutes. We used a glass container with an airtight closure 6. Let the Nutella liqueur rest for at least 20-30 days before drinking it!


The Nutella liqueur can be kept in the pantry or fridge for around 90 days.


The trick for making this liqueur even tastier? Let it rest for at least 20-30 days before savoring it so the warm, enveloping notes of the cream, milk, and Nutella blend together in velvety harmony! Want to make it extra sweet? Add a pinch of granulated sugar! And for a more intense and aromatic flavor, you can also add a few drops of Grand Marnier.

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