How to make syrup for cakes



Are you planning to make a layered stuffed cake for a birthday or a special occasion? To make it softer and tastier, there's one thing you can't miss: the syrup!
But how do you make syrup for cakes? It's very simple, and today in our cooking school we'll explain how to prepare it! First, you need to understand which type of syrup is right for you, and especially for your dessert... choosing the right combination is fundamental!
We start by proposing 3 types of syrups. The first, an alcoholic one based on rum, will be perfect to use for a chocolate cake, the non-alcoholic one for a fruit cake for example, and the milk-based one for a dessert designed for children! Customize these bases with other liquors or flavors to create your perfect syrup!


Ingredients for the alcoholic syrup (about 14 oz)
Water 1 cup (250 g)
Sugar 4.4 oz (125 g)
Rum 1.2 oz (35 g)
for the non-alcoholic syrup (about 15 oz)
Water 1.3 cups (300 g)
Sugar 3 cups (150 g)
Lemon peel 1
Vanilla bean 1
for the milk syrup (about 13.5 oz)
Water 5.3 oz (150 g)
Whole milk 0.6 cup (150 g)
Sugar 3.2 oz (90 g)

How to prepare the alcoholic syrup for a 9-inch sponge cake

To prepare the alcoholic syrup, start by putting water in a saucepan 1; add sugar 2 and stir with a whisk 3.

Heat without bringing to a boil and continue stirring until the sugar has dissolved 4. Turn off the heat and enrich the syrup with rum 5. Don't worry, a part will evaporate immediately due to the heat in the solution. Stir again 6,

transfer to a small bowl 8 and let it cool, stirring occasionally 8 before use. Here is your alcoholic syrup for cakes ready 9!

How to prepare the non-alcoholic syrup for a 9-inch sponge cake

To prepare the non-alcoholic syrup, peel the lemon, taking only the yellow part 1 and split the vanilla pod in half 2. Pour the water into a container and add the lemon and vanilla 3.

Leave to infuse for at least 1 hour 4, so the water is well flavored. After the time, transfer everything into a saucepan 5 and place it on the heat, add the sugar 6

and stir with a whisk 7. Allow the sugar to dissolve completely, but without reaching boiling. At the end of cooking, strain everything through a sieve into another bowl 8, and let it cool. and then you can use your non-alcoholic syrup. Here is your non-alcoholic syrup for cakes ready 9!

How to prepare the milk syrup for a 9-inch sponge cake

For the milk syrup, put a saucepan on the heat and pour in water 1, milk 2, and sugar 3.

Mix well without letting the mixture reach a boil 4. As soon as the sugar has dissolved 5 you can transfer the milk syrup into a bowl and let it cool completely before use. Here is your milk syrup for cakes ready 6!

How to use the syrup

Once the syrup is ready, you can move on to its use. After cutting the cold cake into disks, place the base on a serving plate. At this point, you can moisten it using a spoon 1, a brush 2, or a squeeze bottle with a perforated cap 3.

If you don't have the latter, you can create one at home. It will be enough to pour the mixture into any squeeze bottle or a plastic bottle, wrap the container with a couple of turns of plastic wrap 4 and pierce the surface with a toothpick 5. You will just have to use it as if it were a professional squeeze bottle 6.

How to store

The alcoholic and non-alcoholic syrups can easily be stored for 4-5 days in the refrigerator, in a container covered with plastic wrap. The milk syrup instead can be kept for 1-2 days at most, always in the fridge in a covered container. If necessary, the syrups can be frozen.


With the indicated doses, you will be able to moisten 3 sponge cake disks of 9-inch in diameter.
If you wish to change the liquor, you can use the one most suitable for the type of cake you have prepared.
For example, Alchermes, which has a scent of roses and spices, and which will also dye the cake red, might go well with custard cream cakes or English trifle.
Limoncello liquor, on the other hand, might go well with lemon desserts, or with cream-based desserts such as ricotta, mascarpone, and even whipped cream.
In short, let your imagination run wild and above all follow your palate! For the non-alcoholic syrup, you can make a vanilla and lemon variant by replacing them with 1 cinnamon stick and the zest of an orange, the procedure remains unchanged. The milk syrup can be enriched with 2-3 tablespoons of coffee liquor or, for a non-alcoholic version, of moka.