Colomba cake



Unmissable on Easter tables, colomba is one of the traditional Easter sweets loved for its exquisite simplicity: as soon as you discard the wrapping that holds it, you are enveloped in a vanilla scent of baked cake which is really difficult to resist. Each slice is precious so what is left over is always kept to make other exquisite delights such as the colomba tiramisù, a tantalizing reinterpretation of the classic tiramisù, a fresh semifreddo, or a rustic-flavored cake like the one we offer in this preparation. The typical Easter form of the dessert gives way to a more classic cake, hiding a "secret" ingredient. A creamy filling will be the most delicious of discoveries at the first bite and everything will be made even more inviting by a layer of chocolate and a shower of crunchy hazelnut grains. No leftover has ever been so tasty, try it to believe it!

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Ingredients for a 9 inch (24 cm) diameter mold
Colomba 1 lb (440 g)
Whole milk ½ cup (100 g)
Cow's milk ricotta cheese 1 cup (250 g)
Powdered sugar 1 ½ tbsp (10 g)
Eggs 1 (50 g) - medium
Dark chocolate ¼ cup (40 g)
Chopped hazelnuts 3 tbsp (20 g)

How to prepare Colomba cake

To make the colomba cake, first take the dove and cut it into slices 1, and into small cubes 2, take half of them (220 g) and pour them into a bowl with milk 3 , set aside the remaining part that will be used to decorate the top of your cake.

Moisten the colomba cubes with your hands and keep them aside 4. Grease a 24 cm diameter tart mold 5 and pour the cubes soaked in milk here 6

distribute them on the pan pressing with the back of the spoon 7. Now take care of the filling: in a bowl pour the well-drained ricotta, icing sugar 8, mix everything with a fork, and add the egg 9

mix well to obtain a homogeneous cream 10. With a spatula spread the cream obtained over the cake 11, then distribute the remaining 220 g of chopped colomba over the entire surface (12-13).

Chop the dark chocolate 14, distribute it on the cake and finally add a layer of chopped hazelnuts 15.

The colomba cake is ready for cooking 16, bake in a preheated conventional oven at 355°F (180°C) for 25 minutes. Once it appears slightly golden on the surface, take it out of the oven 17, let it cool then turn it out on a plate and serve 18.


The colomba cake can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, well covered. Freezing is not recommended.


You can sprinkle the surface of the cake with brown sugar and flavor the ricotta to your liking with vanilla, citrus peel or rum, for those who love alcoholic notes.