Churros are a delicious specialty of Spanish and Latin American cuisine. It is recommended to pay the utmost attention to avoid burns while cooking churros. Follow the information in the video and on the recipe card exactly.
These fragrant fried sticks covered in sugar are sold on every street corner and are consumed both as a snack and for breakfast, especially on holidays! To prepare churros, you only need three ingredients, namely flour, water, and salt: it's a dough with a neutral taste similar to choux pastry that is shaped with the help of a special syringe, called churrera, and fried in olive oil (read carefully the warnings reported in the advice to avoid accidents with boiling oil during frying). However, there are many variants of these desserts that involve enriching the dough with cocoa or cinnamon, for example, or with butter and eggs, as in our recipe for delicious churros. Just as there are many ways to enjoy them... dipped in hot chocolate in Spain, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon in Mexico or stuffed with dulce de leche in Argentina! And you, how do you prefer them?


Preparing churros can involve risk situations during the frying phase.

In our kitchens, we have tried the recipe several times to ensure that the information reported in the video and on the website and app was correct and so that - by following it exactly - churros could be prepared without unusual consequences.

We have also tried different situations to understand if there was a particular reason why, as we have also been told, the churros burst during cooking. We have therefore tried:

  • - the correct dough and lukewarm with the right tool at the correct oil frying temperature
  • - the right lukewarm dough in a piping bag with a star nozzle at the correct oil frying temperature
  • - the wrong dough, cold and moistened from the fridge with the right tool at the correct oil frying temperature
  • - the right lukewarm dough with the right tool and oil above the indicated temperature

In all the cases mentioned nothing unusual happened, there were no abnormal splashes of hot oil nor other anomalous manifestations.

Despite this, we invite you to be extremely cautious when frying. Avoid using improper tools or making careless mistakes that could turn out to be very dangerous.

Do not bring your face close to the pot when inserting the churros, pay a lot of attention while dipping them in the hot oil. If they start to "explode", turn off the heat and stop frying.


For about 22 churros
Flour 00 1 ¼ cup (145 g)
Water 1 cup (250 g)
Fine salt 1 pinch
For frying
Olive oil 34 oz (1 l)
For sprinkling
Sugar to taste

How to prepare Churros

To prepare the churros, pour the water 1 and salt into a pot 2 and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, sift the flour into a separate bowl 3.

When the water has come to a boil 4, add all the flour at once 5 and immediately stir with a wooden spoon 6.

Continue to stir over low heat until the mixture is compact and homogeneous and a white film forms on the bottom of the pot 7. Transfer the mixture to a bowl 8. When it has cooled down, work it for a moment by hand on the work surface to give it the right shape to insert it into the special tool for creating churros, the churrera 9. The use of a piping bag is discouraged because it might cause problems during frying.

Press with the back of the spoon and close 10. From this moment, you must pay the utmost attention, during the phase when the oil is heated to temperature and especially the frying phase as the churros could burst causing dangerous burns. Heat the olive oil to a temperature of 320°-338°F, then squeeze the mixture directly into the boiling oil, cutting it to a length of about 4 inches with the help of a slightly greased knife 11. Fry with extreme caution and numerous precautions the churros for 3-4 minutes until golden 12.

Drain the churros on paper towels 13, then roll them in granulated sugar, if desired 14. Your churros are ready to be enjoyed while still warm 15!


It is recommended to consume the churros immediately!


We recommend caution when frying, always and especially during the cooking of churros, following the instructions provided in the procedure to avoid as much as possible dangerous situations with the use of boiling oil.

Being free of fats, the churros dough is quite hard and compact: for this reason, it is necessary to use the special tool. Piping bags are not suitable for this preparation.

If you prefer, you can fry in seed oil instead of olive oil: you will get a bit paler churros but just as delicious!