Asparagus Pasta



Asparagus pasta is a delicate, easy-to-prepare pasta dish. Asparagus, a vegetable typical of the spring months, is the star ingredient of our recipe. We chose not to add many ingredients so as not to cover their delicate and refined taste, but to enhance it by flavoring the sauce with a clove of garlic and tossing the pasta at the last minute with grated Grana Padano DOP. This will allow you to perfectly cream the pasta and obtain really creamy fusilli, thanks also to the cooking method chosen for the asparagus. Prepare asparagus pasta when you have friends over for dinner: with a few simple steps, you'll bring a balanced, simple but flavorful dish to the table that everyone will like!

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Asparagus 21.2 oz (600 g)
Fusilli pasta 3 cups (320 g)
Garlic 2 cloves
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Grana Padano PDO cheese 1 cup (60 g) - grated
Fine salt to taste
Black pepper to taste

How to prepare Asparagus Pasta

To prepare asparagus pasta, first take the asparagus and shorten the stem. You can break off the woody part with your hands or cut it with a knife 1. Peel the stems using a vegetable peeler. Cut the tips off the asparagus 2 and halve the larger ones lengthwise 3.

Then slice the remaining green part into very thin rounds 4. Put a pot full of water on the stove, salted to taste, which will be used to cook the pasta. In a large pan, pour the oil and garlic. Let it flavor over medium heat, then add the asparagus rounds 5 and salt 6.

Cover with a lid and let it cook for about ten minutes 7. As soon as the water reaches a boil, also cook the fusilli 8 and moisten the asparagus with the pasta cooking water as needed. After 10 minutes of cooking, the asparagus will be soft, add also the tips 9.

Cover with a lid and cook for another 2-3 minutes 10, don’t worry if the rounds break down slightly, they will serve to give a creamy touch to the pasta. Now eliminate the garlic cloves. Drain the fusilli al dente and transfer them directly into the pan 11. Adjust with cooking water and toss the pasta well. Turn off the heat and add the cheese 12.

Add a generous drizzle of oil 13 and mix well to emulsify and thicken the sauce. Serve, completing with a final drizzle of oil and a grind of pepper 14. Your asparagus pasta is ready to be served 15!

How to store

Asparagus pasta can be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of one day, in an airtight container.


You can replace the Grana Padano DOP with Pecorino Romano for a very creamy "asparagus cacio e pepe"!

If you have any leftovers, asparagus pasta is delicious baked in the oven, with the addition of cheese cubes and a sprinkle of Grana or breadcrumbs on top.