Yogurt cream



Custard, chantilly or diplomat cream? These delicious creams are among the most loved and used in pastry, but today we offer you a fresh and light variant: yogurt cream! Made with Greek yogurt and whipped cream, it is very easy to prepare and does not require cooking. Excellent to be enjoyed alone as a dessert, perhaps decorated with berries or chocolate chips. It is also ideal for enriching your favorite desserts: try it as a filling for a soft cake... with its smooth and velvety texture we are sure the yogurt cream will inspire you with many delicious ideas!

Ingredients for about 1 lb (500 g) of yogurt cream
Greek yogurt 2% fat 1 cup (250 g) - (cold from the fridge)
Heavy cream 1 cup (250 g) - (cold from the freezer)
Powdered sugar ¼ cup (30 g)

How to prepare Yogurt cream

Before preparing the yogurt cream, place 2 glass bowls in the freezer for an hour. Put the heavy cream in the freezer as well. When the bowls are frozen, pour the cream into one of the two 1, add the powdered sugar 2 and whip with an electric whisk 3.

You will need to get a firm mixture 4. Pour the yogurt into the other very cold bowl and mix with a spatula to soften it 5, then add the whipped cream 6.

Incorporate the whipped cream to the yogurt, mixing gently from bottom up 7. When the mixture is homogeneous, cover the bowl with plastic wrap 8 and place in the refrigerator for at least an hour. The yogurt cream is ready 9 to be used for your desserts or alone!


The yogurt cream can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.

Freezing is not recommended.


If you wish, you can flavor yout yogurt cream with vanilla bean or grated orange zest!