Marinated eggplant



Marinated eggplants are a fresh and genuine summer side dish, perfect to accompany meat or fish main courses, or to be enjoyed on crispy croutons! Preparing them is very simple, you start from the grilled base and then move on to a tasty marinade: leaving the eggplants will absorb aromas and flavor! To sweeten the strong taste eggplants have, we were inspired by eggplant carpaccio to create an aromatic marinade prepared with an emulsion of oil and vinegar, with the addition of fragrant herbs, garlic and fresh chili. Take advantage of the abundance of eggplants in this hot season to prepare other appetizing dishes such as sweet and sour eggplants, eggplants au gratin, delicious baked or as a classic parmigiana!

Eggplant 1.5 lbs (700 g)
Extra virgin olive oil ½ cup (100 g)
White wine vinegar 3 tbsp (40 g)
Fresh chili pepper 1
Garlic 1 clove
Marjoram 2 sprigs
Thyme 3 sprigs
Mint 1 sprig
Fine salt to taste

How to prepare Marinated eggplant

To prepare marinated eggplants, start by cleaning the eggplants: wash and dry them, then remove the stalk 1 and cut them into slices about 5-6 mm thick 2. Grease a plate with oil 3 and heat it.

Grill the eggplants on the very hot grill first on one side 4 and then on the other 5 and transfer them on a plate 6. When you have finished, let it cool while you prepare the sauce.

Peel the garlic, remove the core and slice thinly 7. Clean the chili by rubbing it between your fingers to release the seeds 8 and then slice thinly 9.

Place chopped garlic and chili in a bowl. Clean and chop the fresh aromatic herbs 11. Also transfer these to the bowl 12.

Pour in oil 13 and vinegar 14 and mix with a fork 15.

Sprinkle the eggplants with the aromatic emulsion 16. Season with a pinch of salt 17, cover and let them rest in the fridge for a few hours. Enjoy your marinated eggplants 18.


Marinated eggplants can be kept in the fridge for a few days if completely covered with oil. Otherwise they must be consumed in one day. Freezing is not recommended.


The seeds of the chili pepper in addition to giving greater spiciness are not very digestible, but if you prefer you can keep them!

Vary the aromatic herbs to taste: try oregano and fennel for example.

The vinegar can be increased to taste. A grated ginger will embellish the sauce with spicy and fresh notes!