Grilled pineapple with honey and cinnamon



Baked apples stuffed with macaroons, chocolate pears with vanilla sauce and flambéed bananas with rum: these are just some of the refined ways to serve fruit as a dessert at the end of a meal in a delicious way that still preserves all the genuine flavors of seasonal fruits. Alongside these traditional recipes, we offer you an exotic and aromatic idea: grilled pineapple with honey and cinnamon. With its sweet juice and freshness, pineapple is already excellent to be enjoyed on its own, but with our recipe you will discover a new way to savor it: hot, spicy ina delicious honey sauce. Serve the pineapple to end an ethnic-inspired menu with oriental flavors.

Pineapple 1
Wildflower honey 4 tsp
Cinnamon powder to taste
Brown sugar 4 tsp
Mint to taste
Butter to taste - melted

How to prepare Grilled pineapple with honey and cinnamon

To make the grilled pineapple with honey and cinnamon, first clean the pineapple: cut off the top cap 1, then with a special peeler remove the central core 2 and remove the peel with a knife 3.

Slice the pineapple 4 to obtain about 6 thick slices 5. Brush one side of the pineapple slices with melted butter 6.

Heat a pan and when it is hot, place the pineapple slices with the buttered side facing down 7. Let it brown for a couple of minutes and in the meantime brush the side facing upwards with melted butter 8. When the pineapple slices are well grilled, flip them on the other side 9

and continue cooking for another 2 minutes. Once the pineapple slices are well browned on both sides 10, place them on a plate and flavor them with honey 11 and brown sugar 12.

Add the final touch with mint leaves 13 and cinnamon powder 14. Serve your grilled pineapple slices with honey and cinnamon immediately 15


We recommend that you immediately eat the grilled pineapple with honey and cinnamon.


To enrich this fruit dessert, accompany the pineapple with a spoonful of natural Greek yogurt.