Eggplant mushroom-style (melanzane a funghetto)



Eggplant mushroom-style (melanzane a funghetto)

We like eggplants in all ways, baked, au gratin and as we present them today: eggplant mushroom-style! In Campania, it is known as melanzane a funghetto, a side dish mainly for summer. The name comes from the way of cutting the eggplant into small pieces that resemble mushrooms. There are many variations of this recipe: some fry in olive oil and some prefer seed oil, some use tomato paste or opt for the white version. Eggplant mushroom-style is good both warm and cold and is also ideal for flavoring pasta, perhaps adding some sweet provola or salted ricotta. However you decide to prepare it, eggplant mushroom-style is a tasty and fragrant dish that you can enjoy after a hearty Neapolitan pasta and potatoes, or even by itself accompanied by fragrant croutons of bread... just like zucchini alla scapece, another great Campanian classic not to be missed!

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Eggplant 2.2 lbs (1 kg) - (long purple type)
Cluster tomatoes 1.1 lbs (500 g)
Basil 10 leaves
Garlic 2 cloves
Fine salt to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
for frying the eggplants
Peanut seed oil 4 ¼ cups (1 l)

How to prepare Eggplant mushroom-style (melanzane a funghetto)

To prepare the eggplant mushroom-style, first wash the plum tomatoes and dice them 1. Now in a pan pour a generous amount of oil and two cloves of garlic 2, let it flavor, add the tomatoes 3 and cook over low heat for about 20/25 minutes.

Wash and trim the eggplants 4. Cut the eggplants into cubes of about 1 inch 5. In a pot, heat the seed oil, when it has reached 340°F, fry the eggplants a bit at a time 6.

Once they are well browned 7, drain them on frying paper 8 or a kitchen paper towel. Once the sauce is ready, you can remove the garlic cloves 9.

Salt 10, pepper 11 and let the sauce cool down. Finally, combine the eggplants with the sauce 12.

Season with torn basil leaves 13 and gently mix 14. The 'eggplant mushroom-style' is ready to be enjoyed 15.

How to store

The 'eggplant mushroom-style' can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days. It can be frozen after cooking.


You can purge the eggplants after cutting them, that is, salt them and leave them for a few hours in a colander so that they lose their vegetation water. In this way, the eggplants will be drier and you will achieve a perfect frying!