Cherry puff pastry swirl



Succulent cherries, glowing like rubies, are only available for a fleeting part of every year, so it’s worth snapping them up while you have the chance. You can use them to make delicious cherry compotes, cakes, fresh cheesecakes, or a cherry puff pastry spiral like the one described here. This delicious spiral of fragrant puff pastry enclosing an unusual filling of cherries packed with dark chocolate is the very definition of naughty but nice! As original and striking-looking as a fresh cherry tart, this fruity delight can be eaten as a sophisticated snack or served as a dessert to crown a springtime meal. Whenever you serve it, it will certainly vanish in the blink of an eye! If you love the combination of fruit and puff pastry, try peaches in pastry for a sweet summer dessert.

Ingredients for a 7-inch (18-cm) cake pan
Puff pastry 8 oz (230 g)
Cherries 0.66 lb (280 g) - (½ lb (260 g) pitted)
Dark chocolate 3 oz (80 g)
Butter 2 tbsp (30 g)
Brown sugar ¼ cup (60 g)

How to prepare Cherry puff pastry swirl

To make the cherry puff pastry swirl, first wash and pit the cherries using a cherry pitter (1-2) and collect the cherries in a bowl. Chop the chocolate coarsely 3,

and then pack the chocolate into the holes where the cherries were pitted 4. Set the cherries aside and roll out the puff pastry on a cutting board. Divide the sheet in half lengthwise 5 and brush the underside of both strips with melted butter 6.

Sprinkle the entire length of the buttered side with raw sugar (7-8), and then arrange the cherries in a row on top 9.

When you’ve finished, roll up the pastry sheet from the long side 10 to make a long roll 11, and do the same with the other pastry sheet 12.


Now take a 7-inch (18-cm) cake pan and cover the base only with parchment paper cut to size 13. Now form a spiral 14 using one of the pastry rolls 15.

Arrange it in the center of the cake pan 16 and then wrap the other roll around it 17, sticking the connected ends together and sealing the final end. Now brush the surface with more melted butter 18.

Sprinkle raw sugar on top (19-20) and bake the dessert in a convection oven preheated to 390°F (200°C) for 30 minutes on the middle rack, until the pastry is golden brown. Once cooked, take the cherry puff pastry swirl 21 out of the oven and leave to cool before enjoying!


The cherry puff pastry swirl can be stored at room temperature, under a glass cake dome, for 2-3 days.


You can embellish this dessert by garnishing with sliced almonds, chopped hazelnuts, or pistachios.

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