Cheese fondue bread bowl



Just two ingredients for an appetizing recipe that will soon have your mouth watering: we're talking about the cheese fondue bread bowl! Imagine a mountain chalet, a dinner with friends, the warmth of a fire place, or a romantic evening with some fragrant bread and melted cheese...washed down with some good red wine. Sometimes the simplest things are the most delicious ones too, and the preparation of this recipes calls for nothing more than a little imagination, baked slowly in the oven. You'll feel how the flavor will melt to embrace the crispness, along with an uncontrollable desire to dip potatoes, vegetables and salami into this small trove of fresh melted cheese! An original and fun alternative to fondue!


Bread 1 - (a 6 inch diameter durum wheat loaf)
Fresh cheese 0.5 lb (250 g) - (1 wheel, like Belpaese)
Aromatic herbs to taste - (2 sprigs of each kind)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
To serve with the fondue
New potatoes 1 lb (500 g)
Carrots 2
Pickles to taste
Aromatic herbs to taste

How to prepare Cheese fondue bread bowl

To prepare the cheese fondue bread bowl, start by cutting a spherical cap in a loaf of durum wheat bread, around 6 inches in diameter 1. Use a 3.5 inch (9 cm) shaping ring mold to eliminate the inner soft part and create a regular shaped inside 2; remove the soft inner part with a spoon 3 and leave to one side.

Now you have all three parts of the bread you'll need 4. Remove the protective wax coating from the cheese 5, place the cheese inside the loaf, replace the 'lid' 6 and bake in a static oven preheated to 355°F (180°C), for around 30 minutes. In the meantime, bring some water to the boil in a saucepan, add salt to taste and cook the new potatoes for around 10 minutes.

Cut the soft inner part of the bread left to one side into sticks, each around 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) thick. Heat a drizzle of oil in a pan, add a mix of aromatic herbs and the chopped soft bread 8, brown for around 5 minutes on a high flame, until golden on all sides 9. When ready, remove the crisp sticks and leave them to one side.

In the same pan, saute the previously blanched new potatoes on a high flame (10-11). Remove the loaf from the oven, place it in the middle of the table on a cutting board and serve with cheese fondue bread bowl, accompanied with some croutons, new potatoes, carrots, or whatever ingredients you prefer 12!


Cheese fondue bread bowl is best enjoyed immediately. If the cheese starts to solidify, simply place the loaf back in the oven for a few moments.


You can melt whatever cheese you prefer inside the loaf, the important thing is that it is a soft and young cheese, with a high fat content.