Beef tagliata



Meat can be cooked in many ways, depending on the culture, personal taste, the dish you want to prepare... and each time is a different culinary experience. We can go from strips that are stir-fried, to boiled, to stewed... just to give a few examples. Surely one of the best recipes to taste meat in all of its purity is the sliced beef steak. To prepare it skillfully, it is wise to select the right cut (entrecôte or sirloin), take it out of the fridge and let it sit at room temperature before cooking, and pay attention to the timing to get a soft, juicy and perfectly pink meat inside. The sliced beef tagliata with arugula and cherry tomatoes will be perfect to serve for a dinner with friends or whenever your meat-loving guests want to enjoy a succulent and hearty main course.

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Entrecôte 28 oz (800 g) - (sirloin)
Arugula ¾ cup (100 g)
Cherry tomatoes ¾ cup (100 g)
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste

How to prepare Beef tagliata

To prepare sliced beef tagliata with arugula and cherry tomatoes, make sure to take the piece of entrecôte out of the fridge at least one hour before cooking, as the meat must not be cooked cold. Wash and dry the arugula well. Then wash and cut the tomatoes in half 1. Move on to the meat: remove the fat (if present) from the surface 2, then divide the piece of meat into slices about 1 ½” (4 cm) thick 3.

Heat the grill and let it warm up nice and hot. When the grill is hot, lay a piece (or maximum two) of meat 4, then reduce the heat, to medium-high and cook for about 3 minutes on that side. Then you can turn the meat with tongs (do not use a fork, so as not to pierce it and let the juices come out) and cook for another 3-4 minutes 5. To ensure that the cooking is rare, you can use a kitchen thermometer 6: when the core temperature is around 125-129° F (52-54° C), the meat is ready.

Take it off the grill and leave it on the cutting board for a minute to let it rest and retain its juices 7 (if you have to leave it longer, cover it with aluminum foil). Then cut crosswise to obtain several slices with a sharp non-serrated knife 8. Arrange a bed of arugula on a serving plate, the beef tagliata, and some tomatoes 9. A drizzle of oil, flakes of salt (or coarse salt) and freshly ground pepper. and your sliced beef tagliata with arugula and cherry tomatoes is ready to be served!


The beef tagliata must be eaten as soon as it is ready.


The cut of meat to be used is the sirloin or entrecôte, which is the part between the ribs of the cow. It is an exquisite cut of beef that is tender and with little fat.

Interesting fact

It is said that the inspiration for this dish may have been Robespierre, the famous French revolutionary who was a great admirer of the dish.

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