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Tagliatelle alla Boscaiola



- For Tagliatelle:

  • Eggs 2
  • All-purpose Flour 200 g (1 2/3 cups)
  • Fine Salt 1 pinch
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil as needed

- For the Sauce:

  • Porcini Mushrooms 300 g (10.5 oz)
  • Sausage 250 g (9 oz)
  • 1 Small Shallot
  • White Wine ½ glass
  • Canned Peeled Tomatoes 300 g (10.5 oz)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (Parmesan Cheese) 40 g (1.4 oz)
  • Fine Salt as needed
  • Black Pepper as needed
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil as needed


To prepare Tagliatelle alla Boscaiola, start with the fresh pasta.

Pour the flour onto a work surface and create the classic well shape; place the eggs in the center.

Add a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Begin by beating the eggs with a fork.

Then, use a dough scraper to assist and knead until you have obtained a uniform mixture.

Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes in a cool place.

Meanwhile, prepare the porcini mushrooms.

Remove the larger pieces of dirt with a small knife, then clean them with a damp cloth.

Separate the caps from the stems.

Cut the mushrooms into large cubes, approximately 1-2 cm in size.

Now, let's work on the sausage.

Remove the outer casing.

Crumble it coarsely by hand, forming balls about a couple of cm in size.

In a large skillet, pour a drizzle of oil and add the chopped shallot.

Sauté gently, then add the sausage and mushrooms.

Stir, sauté well, and deglaze with white wine.

Once the alcohol has evaporated, add the crushed canned tomatoes using a fork or your hands.

Mix well and cover with a lid.

Let it cook for about 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, take the fresh pasta as soon as the resting time is over.

Take a small piece and dust it with flour.

Use a pasta rolling machine to roll it out thinly; pass it through the rollers several times until it's about 2-3 mm thick.

You can fold the pasta over itself to achieve an even sheet.

Once you have the sheet, cut it into rectangular pasta strips.

Consider that the length of the rectangle will be the length of the tagliatelle, so it's recommended to make rectangles about 20 cm long.

Roll the pasta rectangle first from one side and then from the other without pressing it.

Cut the tagliatelle with a knife to have about 7 mm thickness; then roll them around your hand to form a nest and continue with the others.

At this point, the sauce will be ready.

Cook the tagliatelle in plenty of salted water.

As soon as they are cooked after a few minutes, drain them and transfer them directly to the sauce.

Add plenty of chopped parsley.

Toss everything well, adding some cooking water if needed.

Plate the dish, finish with grated Parmesan cheese, and serve your Tagliatelle alla Boscaiola.

Half Sardinian and half German, born on the border with Hungary, Sebastian is the resident chef creator of GialloZafferano. He offers his community an irresistible glimpse into his contemporary and genuine cuisine, meticulously crafted even in the simplest preparations. He graduated from the most prestigious Italian cuisine training center, ALMA - Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana. He is extremely attentive to raw materials, and in his videos, he surprises everyone with his meticulousness and the tricks of the trade that make his dishes unique in taste and presentation. Since 2024, he has been the Resident Chef Creator of GialloZafferano.